Thriller 3D Movie: Coming to a Theater Near You

One of the greatest music videos, “Thriller” is going to be made into a 3D movie next year.
There are many reasons why “Thriller” is a timeless music video. It helped break down racial walls by making music that everyone could enjoy. It helped people see that music videos could be a form of art. When “Thriller” came out, MTV was still pretty new and many thought it was a fad that would go away much like they thought of Flickr. Executive Igor Cornelsen says that in the 1980s many artists refused to make a videos for fear it would tarnish their career.

“Thriller” changed all that, it had a big name director, costumes, dancers and a script, and in short it was a movie with music set to it. It was different than Michael’s other videos,“Beat it” and “Billie Jean” had been mostly about the dancing and little story line. “Thriller” had great dancing, but it also included a love interest for Michael. This also helped draw more interest from his female fans.

At the time making music videos was seen as a poor investment. Michael and Landis had trouble finding backing for the project, at first Michael was footing the whole production till interest caught on. John Landis and Michael Jackson had always intended for “Thriller” to be a movie and now years later after Michael’s death and court battles, it is going to be made. When the movie comes out, you’ll “See a sight that almost stops your heart.”

Margot Robbie to play Harley Quinn in Upcoming Suicide Squad Film

Margot Robbie, an up and coming actress who you may have recently spotted in the box office hit, Wolf of Wall Street, is making her way into the big leagues.

It was early realized that Suicide Squad was anticipated to become a big hit as being a successor for the film Batman v. Superman.

The only cast member that is a sure bet for Suicide Squad is the beautiful, blonde, Margot Robbie who will be playing Harley Quinn, lover and ally of the villainous character, The Joker. Needless to say, the maniac characters didn’t meet using Skout. In the comics, Harley Quinn was The Joker’s nurse before she fell in love with him, turning her into a villain.

With DC Comics and WB revealing small parts of the process, we have also learned that Jared Leto has been pursued to play the Joker in this new film. Talks with Will Smith and Ryan Gosling have ended with the pursuit of playing the Joker for this film and predecessors thereafter. Confirmation of that casting decision has yet to be determined.

By casting Robbie, they are hoping to bring a sense of whimsy and sex appeal that is needed to perfectly depict the Harley Quinn character. David Ayer who both wrote and directed the latest military film, Fury, was attached to the film stated that he was in the process of making great changes to the existing script to best complement her personality and acting style.

It is uncertain what will be expect from Robbie’s performance and take on the character as a whole. Most review critics believe that casting a star on the rise such as Robbie will make for a very interesting film and character. Most are optimistic about the casting choice.

Hell On Wheels is Renewed for Final Season

The “fate” of the AMC television series HELL ON WHEELS has been sealed. The series has been renewed for one more season and this will be the final season. All of the series’ old storylines will, hopefully, be tied up.

The first season of the series dealt with the anti-hero Bohannan (Played by Anson Mount) who searches for the Union soldiers who murdered his wife. He eventually finds himself working on the building of the transcontinental railroad and running afoul of the shady characters living in the moving city “Hell on Wheels“.

The series breathed life into the television western, a genre that was huge in the 1960’s. Westerns certainly have survived in one form or another on television, but not to what was the case when the genre was wildly popular.

HELL ON WHEELS owes its inspiration more to the new wave westerns of the early 1970’s, where there were no heroes or villains. Just anti-heroes and outright evil villains existed, instead.

The violence level on the show might not be at those of SONS OF ANARCHY or THE WALKING DEAD, but HELL ON WHEELS most assuredly is never short on carnage. The characters in the series are quite compelling and this has allowed it to thrive for four seasons.

The shooting and air dates of the fifth and final season have not yet been revealed. More than likely, the airings will be in the summer of 2015 and you better believe me and Igor Cornelsen will be following the series on Facebook and watching.

Matt Damon Slated to Star in the Sci-Fi ‘Downsizing’

Alexander Payne, known for directing movies such as ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Descendants,’ is preparing to start on his upcoming sci-fi feature movie ‘Downsizing.’ Matt Damon has been announced as taking on the lead role in this satirical project.

The storyline is that a man, played by Damon, believes he will lead a better life if he just shrinks himself. Beyond that blurb, little else is known about the project. No official timeline is in place at the moment. The script was written by Payne and Jim Taylor and will be produced by movie executive Tom Rothman. The duo scored major success on their collaboration for ‘About Schmidt,’ as well as an Oscar for their collaboration on ‘Sideways.’ Payne also won an Oscar for his script for ‘Descendants’ in 2011 and a Best Director nomination last year for ‘Nebraska.’ If history can repeat itself, ‘Downsizing’ should also be a great project.

Damon was previously rumored to star in the upcoming film ‘The Great Wall,’ but will now be unable to do so. The possibility of a 5th ‘Bourne’ installment is floating around, but not yet confirmed. Damon is currently in pre-production for the Ridley Scott film ‘The Martian.’

Mike Tyson Gets Tough And Admits He Was Sexually Abused As A Child

The very name Mike Tyson stirs up imagery of a tough as nails boxer that didn’t always play fair in the ring or in his life. The former heavyweight champ that fans still affectionately call Iron Mike got very candid on The Opie show and confessed that he was sexually abused as a 7 year-old boy.

He confided in hosts Opie Hughes and Jim Norton that he was molested by an old man at that stage of his life. Hosts may not have been aware that the confession was about to take place because they seemed to have to rearrange their questions during the interview Mike Tyson on The Opie with Jim Norton Show.

The Sirius Radio show interview was described as awkward by those in the audience, but the former champ remains unapologetic about his decision to come out with the revelation, and others like Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez have supported his decision. He maintained “I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of anything from that perspective.” For those who have suffered from sexual abuse trauma in the past, the former champ is added to a growing list of victims that finally had the courage to come out with their experiences and free themselves of what is initially shame and victimization at the hands of someone they should have been able to trust.

Putting Another Face to the Name

As we constantly look to the future we can’t help but turn to the Force. Every rumor or bit of information we receive about the upcoming Star Wars franchise is viewed as a precious gem; even though we know Mr. Abrams can be trying to throw people off.

So what is the potential scoop now?

According to the site Screen Rant, we have another actor that we could possibly add to the cast, that is Simon Pegg. The suspicion arises because at the Episode VII wrap party for all cast and crew, there was the expected – Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher- and the newcomers; those being Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Andy Serkis.

What caught the people’s eye is the fact that Simon Pegg was invited and there is yet to be any mention of him involved in the movie.

So why has there been confusion?

Simon was invited to the party so isn’t safe to say he is in the movie and he has a history with Sci-Fi and Action movies. The doubt arises because J.J. Abrams has kept a lot of information secret, is friends with Simon Pegg and has a history of releasing false information to throw fans off. I agree with the Star Wars fans at North American Spine, all we can we do is watch and wait.

As December 18th, 2015 looms ever closer all we can do is trust in the Force and hope for the best.

Marvel to Launch New Slate of Superhero Films

Marvel Comics is growing increasingly ambitious in its movie division. It is not difficult to see why. The various films released under the Marvel banner have earned billions upon billions of dollars. Now, the company is looking to released scores of new hero films and have mapped out new projects well into 2019.

Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel are all slated for cinema debuts in the near future. (Trivia note: There was a failed Doctor Strange TV movie pilot in the 1970’s. Shout out to Terry for always mentioning that. 😡) Of course, scores of sequels to currently existing franchises are also planned.

Four or five films a year, however, is hardly going to lead anyone to sour on comic book films especially since the vast majority are very well made.

Look for superhero films to remain a movie theater staple for a decade or more.

Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold

Stevie Nicks, the eternal poet has done it again. Along with her previous solo albums such as Bella Donna and The Wild Heart, she most recently released her latest gem entitled 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault. This album is full of beautiful, unreleased songs that Nicks had accumulated over the last 45 years.

Nicks is notorious for her colorful, gypsy lyrics and ethereal sound. This album is very reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac with lots of perfectly blended harmonies and stand out instruments like a grand piano and groovy guitar solos and riff. Take for the example the perfect song to introduce this album, titled Starshine.

Aside from her typically assumed hippie feel, she possesses a lot of new and modern rhythms that are ear pleasing and marry beautiful with her ever poignant lyrics. The song “Belle Fleur” paints a beautiful portrait of the feminine mystique and coming together into sisterhood. Just so you know, “Belle Fleur” it almost made me cry when I first heard it on FreedomPop, it reminded me of my sister.

She is so engaged and knowledgeable of how to observe the things around her with an “out of the box” perspective, and it clearly reflects in her lyrics. This is an album that represents time, wisdom, mystique and beauty. Long live the gypsy.

Ariana Grande is Victorious In Music Career

After she exploded on the stage at the I Heart Radio Festival May 2, she has dropped hit after hit. This summer’s hits Bang Bang with Jessi J. and Nicki Minaj, and One Less Problems with Iggy Azalea, have people dancing everywhere. Amid rumors of diva like behavior, Jessie J. calls it passion and survival. Iggy Azalea says she is nice and sweet. The part that may be interpreted as ‘diva’ is the firecracker element of her personality. Her friend Miley Cyrus, told her to remember that her family and fans love her and it will all blow over. I played a couple of my favorites of hers for Christian Broda and even made him a fan.

What makes Grande and Cyrus kindred spirits is that they both live for love, according to Grande. Most teen stars know of the problem of transitioning from teen idols to independent artist in the music industry.

Maybe the announcement by Big Sean, the rapper, about their relationship will satisfy curious speculators. For Ariana fans, her performance on Saturday Night Live is on YouTube. Visit to see her latest video on MTV Music News. In this video for her new song “Love Me Harder”, she is a playful kitten in a sandbox. Keep your eyes and ears open for her future successes.

The Obsession with Donnie Wahlberg

Fans of music news recently heard a challenge issued by the girls of Fifth Harmony to New Kids on the Block to try the dance routine for “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” in heels since they had just performed it amazingly well while wearing high heels. This got most of America thinking about New Kids on the Block and Donnie Wahlberg. It is simply awesome to think that Donnie is as big of a star today as he was in the early 90s. America’s obsession with him continues.

Donnie is a major star on the CBS show “Blue Bloods,” which airs on Friday nights. He has a whole new fan base on this TV crime drama about a family of law enforcement professionals in New York City. Donnie’s character, Danny, is a real life super hero who fights the bad guys, believes in justice and takes care of his wife and family. He is every woman’s dream provider, husband and hero. In real life, he just married Jenny McCarthy at a ceremony attended by fashion mogul Susan McGalla. And he seems happier than ever when he appears on the talk show circuit.

Donnie Wahlberg can also be seen on “Wahlburgers”, which is a TV show about the Wahlberg family and his brother Paul’s restaurant.