Honey Birdette the Sensual Brand

The Honey Birdette brand launched by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 in Australia has launched an e-commerce site in the United States. The brand also plans to expand its U. K retail stores from 3 units to 40 units by the end of next year. The U. S expansion follows a 374% growth in the regional online sales in the last 12 months. Monaghan says that the launch of the online shop in U.S will improve the customer’s experience with HoneyBirdette. Case in point, there will be free delivery to customers, who make purchases over $50. Moreover, there will be easier returns and faster delivery as opposed to the past days’ experiences. More than that, Monaghan says that the company will open some retail outlets in the U.S to make the experience even more personal.
The first store outside Australia was opened in 2016 at the London’s convent garden, and it was closely followed by two more at the White City and in Victoria Gate. The ample success of the three outlets has made the management make a move to open 40 more stores in London by the end of 2018. Although it has 55 stores in Australia, Honey Birdete wants to take over other regions of the market.
Honey Birdette
Honey Birdette lingerie brand was launched in 2006 as the first sensual brand of its kind in Australia. The women in Australia flocked the shop as they wished to express their seductive side. Moreover, the beautiful lingerie made them feel powerful and in control. Monaghan says that the first stock was over within a short time, causing him to bring more products.
Honey Birdete also enjoyed favor in the international market where people made orders. Most of the Australian Elite Society come from other nations and word of mouth from them caused more orders to be received from other countries.

Business Magnate and Philanthrophist: James Dondero

Toward the beginning of October 2016, James Dondero declared that Highland Capital Management had given $1 million to enable The Family To put. The Family Place is Dallas’ residential mishandle and family brutality help focus. This concede was given through the charitable branch of Highland Capital Management, and they have likewise swore to coordinate 50 percent of any gifts up to $1 million through the start of April in 2017. Since the first declaration was made toward the beginning of October, The Family Place has raised an extra $200,000 with a match of $100,000 by Highland Capital Management.

Good country’s test give guarantees that The Family Place will achieve its objective of raising $16.5 million. These assets will enable The Family To put Legacy Campaign design and fabricate another Central Dallas Counseling Center for families who have been touched by aggressive behavior at home. This advising focus will highlight thirteen crisis beds, a medicinal and dental facility, private and open guiding rooms, a call focus with a hotline, and spaces for occupation and meeting preparing. The Central Dallas Counseling Center will serve more than 2,000 casualties for each year, and give help to alternate focuses who are full. This inside will likewise house the Be Project. The Be Project bases on the possibility that teenagers are the most helpless to harassing and dating brutality, and they ought to be readied if the circumstance ever emerges. This program achieves more than 6,000 understudies every year, and there will be an on location creature protect for pets of families that are remaining there.

Mr. Dondero went to the University of Virginia and graduated with distinction, and a double major in Accounting and Finance. He is additionally a Certified Management Accountant and has earned the privilege to utilize the Chartered Financial Analyst title. James Dondero is the fellow benefactor of Highland Capital Management Group, and he serves at present as its President. He has more than 30 years of involvement in the speculation admonitory field and concentrates on high return ventures. Mr. Dondero is exceptionally dynamic altruistically and is known to help activities in instruction, veteran’s issues, and open strategy.

James Dondero has demonstrated that he is enthusiastic about helping individuals prevail in their lives. He will keep on showing a notoriety for brilliance and go well beyond the normal for his customers.

For more information follow James Dondero on Twitter @JamesDondero

Trabuco: Weapon Of War

The Trabuco, more commonly known in French and English as the ‘Trébuchet’, is a weapon of war found in the catapult family of siege engines. Like both mangonel and ballista style catapults, the trébuchet utilizes a source of mechanical potential energy to fling large objects at great speed to devastate both castle ramparts and what lay behind them.

Unlike its counterparts, instead of using torsion or spring energy like the mangonel and ballista respectively, it utilizes a massive gravity driven counterweight and a self-releasing sling system to hurl large projectiles faster and further than the two lesser machines, consistently according to zomato.com.

The Trabuco was capable of sending objects over a hundred (though in some cases, over a thousand) kilograms to distances of three hundred meters, a feat absolutely unheard of for the time. Moats, impassible terrain, or any defensive perimeter around a castle keep was rendered useless by the sheer range and power of the trébuchet.

But it was more than just in its range and capability to effectively bypass castle walls that the trabuco had changed the face of war. The size of the projectiles it could lob into or over castle walls enabled it field more types of projectiles that it could launch as compared to its smaller cousins. Flaming projectiles, plague ridden corpses, feces were among the ammunition the trabuco fielded in wartime, recording the first widespread use of germ warfare during the medieval era, in addition to its incendiary and conventional payloads.

In response, rapid engineering changes in order to combat the new and devastating threat on youtube.com. Moats were constructed wider and concentrically to push back attackers beyond the trébuchet’s engagement range. Thicker walls and higher walls were built in order to better stand up to its ferocious onslaught. Towers were rounded to better deflect its enormous projectiles, redirecting an otherwise direct hit into a glancing impact. Even Saladin placed his own trébuchets on his towers to engage any enemy trébuchet that would dare approach.

Of the list of weapons that changed the face of war, the Trabuco/Trébuchet certainly more than earns its spot among the most influential.

Learn more about Trabuco: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trabuco

Envoy Integrates SCIM with OneLogin

Envoy and OneLogin are working together to make the user experience easier for the Envoy customers. IT admins will be especially thankful for this, because it will make the process of updating individual user access over many different applications a lot easier. They are implementing the System for Cross-domain Identity Management protocol to Envoy. This feature is available to Envoy Premium and Enterprise customers, and is simple to set up after adding the user provisioning connector in OneLogin’s application catalog.

SCIM enabled applications allow you to breeze through application rollout, because it synchronizes your user attributes from OneLogin’s directory. This makes the IT workers’ jobs a lot easier by allowing them to create and update company user profiles for all applications in one spot. OneLogin instantly syncs your data to the directory. So, any changes made to the directory are sent automatically to Envoy. It saves time, and improves security in the office.

So, why did they do it? To have a consistent format for user data, so they know what is available to work with as they grow. This gives them confidence to push forward, with the insight and control over how their product is carried out, and help their customers create a perfect experience for visitors. Normally there are many different people working to keep this information up-to-date, and with each application it adds more and more work. But no more extra work for these IT admins!

This seems like a big step for Envoy in the right direction, and OneLogin was happy to help. OneLogin is a cloud-based identity and access management provider focused on selling to business and organizations. It was founded in 2009 by brothers Thomas and Christian Pedersen. The company offers a variety of products, including Single Sign-On, Cloud directory, Web Access Management, Desktop Authenticator, and many more.

A Stunning Overview of USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors team is driven by the passion for supporting people. The organization promises its clients to always be there to help them regardless of the situation. As such, the company comprehends that support entails backing up people. Therefore, it is always supportive in all its operations aided by the super- responsive team that it possesses. The organization always provides the products needed by the clients efficiently. Moreover, the leadership portrays maximum support to customers since it is always there to make decisions which care for the clients.


Training is highly upheld in USHEALTH Advisors. This is one of the strategies of equipping the employees with the best skills to give utmost care to the clients. The training ensures that all employees understand how to best serve the customers. The success of this organization largely depends on the customer relations established. This has been made possible through the high training. The organization has a team of experts whose primary purpose is to avail knowledge and skills to ensure clients remain on top of their game.


One incredible fact associated with USHEALTH Advisors is that customers have no limit on their potential with the organization. As such, advancement is continuous which is one of the aspects that all clients yearn for. At USHEALTH Advisors, there is nothing that can limit the potential of the customer with the organization. With the immense support given to clients and the innovative products, clients have resources that enable them to successfully build a dynamic career. The drive depicted from this company of supporting its customers greatly is associated with the culture of the business which is driving to be great.


HOPE is an acronym that is highly upheld in this organization. The acronym stands for Helping Other People Everyday. The organization continues to illustrate HOPE through providing outstanding support to the customers every day and also the team members supporting each other. Helping people is not considered as a mantra but a way of life in USHEALTH Advisors.


The regular ushealth Advisors salary is around $70,038, and the agent salaries range between $0- $150,000. These salary averages are based on statistics and reports from the agents of the organization. With addition of other compensations and bonuses, the average salary of Insurance agent can be around $132,452. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Usha/reviews

Learn about Dr. Edward Honig and choosing the best cardiologist in New York City

Selecting a cardiologist or any other type of a doctor can be a hectic process if you are not familiar with the right process. However, this article has curated everything you need to know to find the right cardiologist in New York City.


A cardiologist is a heart specialist who has received the required training to treat human heart diseases. However, the best training or the top school does not necessarily translate to high-quality cardiologists in New York. A licensed and properly trained cardiologist can offer his services by attending to patients in hospitals or visit patients at a clinic or office.

Individuals ought to be very careful before trusting their hearts to any cardiologist in a cardiology clinic in New York. The steps provided in this article can help you find a trustworthy cardiologist in NYC.

Point to Note: Cardiologists are supposed to follow a detailed process to finish their medical training. It starts in medical school, then a residency in internal medicine and finishes with a fellowship in cardiology. Cardiologists should always be doing advance studying in their field. Visiting a cardiologist is important if you want to maintain a healthy life.

When choosing a cardiologist in NYC base your choice with the aspects below

  • Experience; this tells you much about the cardiologist’s degree of expertise and skills. You will know whether he or she is a recent graduate or has been practicing for a significant period. Experience makes a big difference in how the cardiologist approaches your treatment.
  • Level of education; however, this is not the main thing you should look at, a decent and reputable education is crucial for cardiologists. Do your research properly.
  • Skills, know what is important to you about a specialist. NYC has a high number of cardiologists; therefore, looking into the patient load, surgical histories, publication, etc. is a good way to narrow down the number.
  • Location, a cardiologist near you, is a good idea just in case of an emergency.
  • Availability, consider a cardiologist caseload before making a decision. If you have an ongoing treatment, it is a good idea to get a cardiologist with a flexible schedule. This way you can get attention if you need any.
  • Rate, it is worthy to know what a cardiologist charges and the fees you will pay. Clinics everywhere have regulations they should follow. Enquire about labs, diagnostics, tests, etc. to avoid sticker shock and insurance problems.

The above factors might not help you get the best cardiologist but will help you find the best one that meets your needs

Dr. Edward Honig is one of the best cardiologists in NYC. If you are looking for a Cardiologist in New York, you can book an appointment with him.

Dr. Edward is an experienced cardiologist operating out of NYC, New York. Now, he divides his time between his home state of New York and Florida. While at New York, he practices at Glen Cove Hospital in the cardiology department. Edward attended the medical school at Duke University. He has had his NY State Medical License from 1952-2013.


Fast Company Article About EOS Lip Balm

The EOS Lip Balm that we all know and love have been around for a little over a decade. I know that fans like myself, remember seeing the strange egg-shaped item on the store shelf and wondering about the odd round object. But of course, I purchased it out of curiosity and took it home. The cuteness of the EOS was too much to let the opportunity pass me by. I recall my first EOS Lip Balm to be a creamy and refreshing sense to my lips, see facebook.com for cool updates. It was too bad that I lost it within the first week and had to buy another one when they were almost half gone. It was the rave of my childhood. Almost every girl had an EOS product in their locker, purse or backpack, head over this link. We would discuss and sometimes argue about the different tastes and senses of the balms. It was a year-round necessity to girls like me. The summer time was always filled with outside activities and exercise, so it was essential for me to keep my lips hydrated and soft. During the fall and winter times, my lips would chap with the wind, but I always had a lip balm with me and so did most of my friends. To this day I have carried around an EOS lip balm along with one on my laptop desk. I have been in love with the product ever since I used them. They are small affordable, accessible and most importantly the most adorable thing in my purse. I never leave home without one. Collect and buy your chosen lip balm here on ebay.com.

Go here to read more beauty articles, http://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/eos-updated-its-classic-lip-balm-photos-w496434.


Dr. Walden – Successful Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Walden is an Austin native with many years of experience as a plastic surgeon. She entered into a world with few women doctors to help patient’s gain their confidence and feel better about themselves. She attended the University of Texas at Galveston and graduated at the top of her class as the salutatorian. After college, she worked at an ear, nose and throat hospital in Manhattan, where she accumulated much of her experience. After working for them, she went on to build her very own successful plastic surgery practice in New York City. She eventually made her way back to her roots in Texas in 2011. She opened her own practice there where she has been successfully performing surgeries ever since. Not only does she do plastic surgery, but she also does liposuction and Botox.

Dr Walden Reviews knew that entering into a field with mostly men would be a challenge that she was ready to take on, and has successfully proved that women are just as prestigious. She feels that many women do not pursue a medical career because they want to start a family. With almost five years of medical school and then another two years in a residency, it can be hard to start a family. She believes that being a female plastic surgery has its advantages. Most of the surgeries are completed on females and are more comfortable using a female doctor when it comes to certain body parts they want to correct.

She is the proud mother of twins and is currently running her successful practice in Austin while raising her two sons. She was reluctant at first to move back and start Walden’s own practice with doubts that the business may not take off. Before she even opened the doors, she had two people signed up and waiting for surgery.

To know more visit @: www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-jennifer-walden-x7hp3

How Alexandre Gama Built Neogama

     Neogama is a worldwide advertising agency that is headquartered in Brazil. The agency is undoubtedly the top advertising firm in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the entire nation of Brazil. Neogama was founded by Alexandre Gama in 1999, after a career spanning two decades in various capacities at advertising and marketing agencies known around the globe as top performers.

According to Brazil’s economic statistics, Neogama grew faster than any other firm in Brazil from 1999 to 2002. In its year of inception, the agency earned the prestigious Lion award from the Cannes Film Festival, typically something only experienced, established firms receive. BBH, one of London’s top advertorial organizations, was acquired by Mr. Game and Neogama in 2002, still remaining his position of “top dog,” as the group’s primary shareholder.

That same year, the newly-collaborated group received the title of Agency of the Year from Meio e Mensagem, a popular newspaper in Brazil. In 2003, only one year after absolutely destroying the advertising market, Neogama won multiple Golden Lions at the Cannes Film Festival, in the disciplines of press and film. Mr. Gama decided to sell out in 2012 to conglomerate Publicis Groupe, acquiring BBH in the process. In 2016, Neogama began solo operations again, this time only in Gama’s home country of Brazil.

You Can Rest Easy With Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s team of 80 physicians who are certified by the Board of Anesthesiology or are working towards that certification teamed with 130 Registered Nurse Anesthetists and CAA’s anesthesia technicians apply their skills in twenty plus hospitals in the greater Austin area. CAA teams work in Level 1 Trauma Centers high acuity hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Many of the physicians associated with Capitol Anesthesia are qualified in obstetric cardiothoracic pediatric and other specialized areas of anesthesia requiring advanced training. As part of their commitment to providing the high-quality care, CAA belongs to the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) utilizing the statistical and education data that the AQI provides its members. When it comes to national quality standards Capitol Anesthesia scores in the highest percentile.

Capitol Anesthesia’s commitment to their patients doesn’t begin and end in the O.R. Prior to and after surgery, Capitol Anesthesia’s administrative staff addresses a patient’s questions and concerns about anesthesia and insurance.

As should be the case with all who work in the medical field CAA’s doctors, nurses, and techs are humanitarians who donate their time and skill to a variety of charities.

Austin Smiles and Operation Smile provides the free repair of cleft lips and palates for poor children in the U.S. and abroad. Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach and its fund raising organization Children’s Medical Center works for the health of under served children. Family Elder Care helps seniors and adults with disabilities. Partnership for Children reaches out to abused and neglected children.