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Yanni Hufnagel Taking The Road Less Traveled In Order To Succeed

Just how far would you go to chase your dream? Would you put yourself through an Ivy League school only to take an unpaid position for four years in order to prove your value? Would you sacrifice your time helping others get better? These are all things that Yanni Hufnagel has done for the game of basketball. It is high time that he gets his chance as a head coach in a Division I program.


Yanni Hufnagel loves basketball through and through despite the fact that he cannot play the game at a high level. After being cut from his high school basketball team, he became the team’s announcer. He has done whatever he could to stay close to the game he loves. It makes sense when you know that the 33-year-old Jewish college basketball coach played with basketball figurines in order to develop strategies as a child.


Yanni Hufnagel graduated from Cornell University, an Ivy League school. With his connections, he could have taken almost any job out there. Instead, he worked his butt off in order to achieve an unpaid assistant coaching position at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He took over recruiting for the Ivy League college.


Harvard does not give out sports scholarships. Harvard does not bend its high academic standards for athletes. Despite these obstacles, Yanni Hufnagel was able to assemble a team that won the school’s first-ever Ivy League championship. Yanni Hufnagel’s ability to recruit comes down to two things. He is not afraid to hear the word to know, and everybody seems to really like him.


Two of his biggest fans are NBA stars Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin. Yanni Hufnagel would work deep into the night to help Blake Griffin improve his skills on the court. Jeremy Lin offers the coach courtside seats whenever his team was in town.

Josh Verne of Offer His Business Tips

Josh Verne, the founder of online college social site, recently offered some of his tips on how to operate a business and manage your life. His tips include that as a leader you need to put others before yourself; it’s only in this way that you will generate true respect. Another tenet that Verne lives by is the belief that every deal can end in a win for all parties and there doesn’t need to be a winner and loser.

Josh Verne believes it is very important to find a career that you are passionate about. Find something that makes you genuinely excited to do, as the alternative is going to be drudgery and depressing. He also says that the best way to get people to pay attention to what you have to say is to speak less and listen more. His last tip was to find balance in your life, to make progress each day in all the areas of your life which includes health, money, relationships, and your own personal growth.

Verne, a resident of King of Prussia, PA, founded as a way for college students to engage with other college students. The site covers every sort of content and conversation about topics as diverse as news, sports, classwork, politics, and sex. The site makes creative use of viral content in order to be fresh, updated, and connecting with college students in a humorous way. Verne only partners with ad providers that are brands that college students know and love.


How The Laidlaw & Company Team Helped Us Retire

I wanted to retire at the exact moment that I was done with my current job, and my wife would be done one year after that. We wanted to be prepared to retire in the very near future, and Laidlaw & Company helped me ensure I had money in the bank to be used for a new retirement lifestyle. The lifestyle we lead today is funded by the work we did with Laidlaw & Company, and they are helpful where other companies were not.


#1: They Understood Our Retirement Goals


We had quite a few goals going into our retirement, and we wanted to meet them as soon as possible. We had peace of mind knowing that Laidlaw was reporting back to us often, and their reports helped us learn how close we were to our goals. Each goal was set using industry standards Laidlaw shared with us, and they helped us understand the fastest way to get what we wanted.


#2: How Long Did Our Retirement Planning Last?


Laidlaw started us with retirement planning the day we called them. My wife heard about James Ahern through a friend, and Matthew Eitner was a mutual friend. We contacted them for help, and they were happy to help us begin. I believe we found a perfect match at Laidlaw, and all their associates were so kind to us.


#3: We Learned Quite A Lot


I was educated about investment through the Laidlaw staff, and they showed me what was possible given the ideas I had. Some ideas were quite simple, and others were complex. I did not want to make wrong decisions, and they showed me how to avoid losing money.


I am pleased with what Laidlaw & Company has done for me. We are retired in the happiest way because of their help.

Wengie Sleep Hacks

Wengie is a Chinese beauty guru currently living in Australia. She has over 4 million subscribers and millions and millions of views. She does all different kinds of videos from life hacks, to fashion posts, to lifestyle videos, beauty routines and so much more. One of her most popular Youtube videos is her sleep hacks video. This video gives tons of tips and tricks for falling asleep faster as well as staying asleep longer.


One of Wengies best tips in the video is doing breathing and meditating techniques. Meditating or doing soothing breathing techniques before bed help to ease the mid and body so it can sleep more peacefully. Releasing the mind of the everyday stresses and worries is not only great for your overall health but it also helps you to fall asleep faster and may even help you stay asleep longer. Mental health has a lot to do with how good your sleep is. If your brain is clouded it makes it harder to sleep. Free your mind before bed with quiet peaceful meditation.


Another great tip is to use jasmine oil or even lavender oil. Jasmine oil has a soothing fresh smell that helps make your room and body calm. Simply put a few drops on your pillow or even on your forehead before bed as the forehead is said to be a pressure point for releasing stress. The aroma helps you relax and fall asleep quicker.


A great tip that Wengie suggested that many people do is to put some noise in the background. Not just any noise though, be sure it is a soothing, calming noise that will lull you to sleep. Some sounds that can be soothing are the sounds of the ocean, the sound of rain drops falling, or birds chirping. Noises like these help the body to relax and feel at peace allowing you to get better rest.


Wengie gives tons of great tips on getting a better nights rest. Getting better sleep can help you maintain your weight, releases stress and anxiety, improves overall health and allows you to feel more refreshed and rested throughout the day.

Learn more about Wengie:

DePauw University Welcomes Human Right Activist Yeonmi Park

Human rights worker and activist Yeonmi Park will be speaking on her amazing story of courage and survival at a lecture on October 5th at DePauw University.

Park’s work in human rights has been noted by BBC broadcasting, who has placed her name in their list of their “Top 100 Global Women.” Her book, published by Penguin Press “In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey To Freedom”, goes on sale later this month.

Park was moved to action when she viewed a bootleg copy of “Titanic”. She was inspired by the concept of a person dying for the love of another person, and not giving her life for the good of the state. It opened her eyes to a new way of thinking and human dignity.

The escape of Park from the oppressive police state was fraught with peril. Unbeknownst to Park, her sister defected before them, and snuck out of the country by herself, leaving Park and her mother to escape by themselves. When they reached South Korea, she could not find her sister and surmised that she perished in her attempt.

While escaping, the mother of Park was forcibly raped by one of the underground smugglers who they had utilized in their escape attempt. He blackmailed Park’s mother and threatened to expose them both if she didn’t comply. Park had to witness her mother being raped by the very people who were assisting her escape.

Although Park, her mother and her sister successfully escaped, her father shared a different fate. A former high ranking government employee, he was arrested and convicted by North Korean officials for illegally dealing in precious metals in an attempt to raise money to feed his family. Park’s father was given a sentence of 17 years of hard labor for his crimes, and tortured during his incarceration. During his prison sentence, he became seriously ill, and was allowed a early release from jail on medical grounds. He quickly surmised that if his family continued in this manner, they would all die of starvation. It was the stark reality of death that led him to decide to get his family out of North Korea. Too sick to travel the journey himself, he stayed behind, and died of colon cancer a few years later.

The story of Park, and her quest for a free life is an amazing story, and I highly recommend her book and reading more about it if you have a chance. You can find more about it, her book and her lecture at the DePauw website:

James Wan pulled in to direct ‘Aquaman’

The ‘Aquaman’ DC spin off film has, for the past year, left us both flustered and confused. At first we thought that the film was better off left for dead. Aquaman just isn’t one of the premier super heroes in DC or Marvel and he certainly doesn’t have the popularity to hold an entire franchise up around him. Then we learned that Jason Momoa, or Khal Drogo from ‘Game of Thrones’, would be taking over.

Suddenly we couldn’t wait to see more of what was in store for the flick. Momoa is a rising action star with serious chops both comedically and dramatically, reminding us a bit of Chris Hemsworth. The latest news to come out of the ‘Aquaman’ world is that James Wan will be taking over the reins as director.

James Wan may be a young director but he has been behind the lens for a few of the biggest franchises in the world says Zeca Oliveira. Wan made his mark working with Leigh Whannel on films like ‘Saw’ and ‘Insidious’ and then he made some major cash with his work on ‘Furious 7’ which cleared over $1 billion dollars. Wan is a pure money maker right now and he knows how to juice his script until there is nothing left. So with that said, if ‘Aquaman’ has anything on offer then he might be just the guy to actually film the whole movie for us.

Staying Weather Alert

It’s the time of year when thunderstorms are on the horizon. Some of those storms could produce a tornado, and that’s what happened late one evening in New Orleans. The storm was so severe that a train fell off a bridge. No injuries were reported, but this shows that the weather can change in the blink of an eye. There were severe thunderstorm warnings issued earlier in the day, but reports of a tornado in this area aren’t as common as you might see in other states, such as Kansas or Oklahoma. That’s not to say New Orleans doesn’t get tornadoes. Before a storm arrives, it’s important for people to have a safety plan in place so that they know where to go if there is a tornado says Sergio Cortes. This planning could mean the difference between life and death in some situations as buildings can be tossed and debris can fall anywhere.

Kraft Changes

If your kids, or you, are fans of Kraft Mac and Cheese, then you may notice some changes! According to Grub Street Kraft is getting rid of those synthetic ingredients in their beloved mac and cheese.

Starting in January, seeds and spices will take the place of synthetic dyes. Paprika, annatto, and tumeric will be used in place, and will help to give Kraft that orange color that kids know and love. Although, it’s hard to say whether or not the Kraft will still have that bright almost neon orange glow that’s been a staple for many years. Kraft says the move comes as people, like Sultan Alhokair move away from processed foods, and look for more natural alternatives.

Kraft has already been making the push towards a healthier lunch. Back in 2013, they wanted a healthier mac and cheese, so they removed the artificial dyes. It seemed to go over well, so they’re hoping for the same when they remove the synthetic dyes.

There are so many healthy mac and cheeses out there, so it seems like Kraft is just trying to keep up with them. Annie’s is organic. There are also many gluten-free products. Only time will tell if Kraft will have success with removing these. It does seem like parents will be on board for synthetic and artificial dye free food. But, will the kids still eat it without their favorite orangey color?

Get To Know Doctor Rod Rohrich

Plenty of celebrities undergo plastic surgery. You can too with a qualified surgeon.  Are you looking for some basic information about Dr Rod Rohrich? If so, you have come to the right place. If you’re interested in learning more about the doctor, then continue reading the rest of this article.

The Doctor’s Early Life And Education
Dr. Rod Rohrich grew up in North Dakota, on a ranch, and he went to the North Dakota State University, where he was able to graduate with high honors. He also attended the University of North Dakota.

The Baylor College of Medicine is where the doctor attended and earned his medical degree. He graduated the school with high honors. Not only that, but he continued his education at the University of Michigan Medical Center, where he undertook plastic surgery residencies.

His Contributions To Plastic Surgery
Dr Rod Rohrich has contributed a lot to plastic surgery. In matter of fact, there are many articles and textbooks that have been authored by the Dr. Dr. Rohrich has also published hundreds of peer authored reviews. He supports a number of organizations that support and promote plastic surgery.

Recognition And Awards
Dr Rod Rohrich is one of the top plastic surgeons, and that is according to popular publications such as U.S. News & World Report, as well as Texas Monthly Super Docs and America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. The doctor has been recognized on a national and local level as a professional who provides outstanding service in plastic surgery. It’s also worth noting that he has a practice in Dallas and it is considered by many to be one of the best facilities in the region.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the best surgeons in his field, and he cares about what he does, as well as cares about patients that go to him for help

New Kendall Jenner News


As if you have not already heard enough about the latest Kardashian news recently. The second to youngest sister in the family, Kendall Jenner, is known not just for being a part of the family but also for being a model. She has done a lot of work for designers like Sherri Hill and New York Fashion Week and so on. More recent news in her fashion world is that Vogue is “obsessed with her”. Is it because of her previous fame and her already existent popularity? Who knows but it definitely seems like the sisters are ruling the world and they are still teenagers. Even if you do not like the Kardashians, like my friend Fersen Lambranho, you have to give it tot hem that they know how to market themselves and build an empire, well, out of nothing. They were rich before but not for anything in particular. Kim Kardashian is who brought the fame and she did not do anything (except for the tape) to receive attention. Now the family is still one of the hottest things in Hollywood and everyone wants to and is updated on what is going on in their lives. They are not just fashion trendsetters but it is safe to say that they are icons for this time period at least. They will be remembered even in years to come as the family to change the way celebrities are viewed in Hollywood.