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Omar Yunes, Franchisee Extraordinaire

Omar Yunes , Franchisee of 13 out of 132 Sushi Itto franchise units as of 2015, franchisee of almost a tenth of the entire franchise happened to win the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) Competition held on December 5, 2015 in Florence, Italy. This recognition is attributed to significant contributions he has brought to the Sushi Itto brand. The 2015 edition of the BFW competition included representatives of 34 countries such as: Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico.

Yunes won not only the BFW award but the BFW Mexico Award representing the whole of Mexico’s innovations in the franchise industry. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, commented that the awards are a manifestation of franchises efforts to offer their clients excellent service,notable flavor and unique hospitality. Not only was it a win for mexico it also left a mark in history. According to Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of BFW Mexico, this accomplishment marks an advancement in Mexican franchises, leaving behind the days when Mexican franchises were a regional matter.

Omar Yunes entered this franchise at the young age of 21 eventually leading him to own his 13 franchise units located in: Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz, Mexico. Not only is he a franchisee of Sushi Itto, he is also a successful entrepreneur which has through the years permitted him to continue growing and enjoying a few luxuries such as his condo he had at age 29 valued at 5 million pesos and two years later a house valued at 4 and a half million pesos both located in the wealthy Polanco district of Mexico city. He now also dives into Mexican real estate which has caused growth in the industry with condos reaching $300,000 or more and houses in millions of dollars.

Today Omar Yunes is of age 39 but still has a ways to go with more projects on the horizon its highly likely that he will continue to alter the impression the world has of Mexico’s industries.

NuoDB, The Future of Cloud Technology

The future of cloud computing and storage is here. NuoDB is a cutting edge technology that is here to bring companies into the 21st century. As storage needs increase for future Growth NuoDB provides the perfect solution. Whether you are looking to increase your current storage capacity, maintain it, or build for future growth NuoDB can provide it.
Gartner in its Magic Quadrant has listed one of the hottest startups in recent history, Nuo SQL database for Operational Database Management Systems. This attention has caught the eye of venture capitalists around the country, which has contributed to its massive success in recent rounds of funding.
Founded in 2008, NuoDB has quickly become one of the front-runners for the future of cloud storage computing. With the help of co-founders Jim Starkey and Barry Morris the company continues to move forward in a positive direction. Look for NuoDB to continue to grow and become a leader in the cloud computing industry.

How the Efforts of Avaaz have transformed the World

Avaaz is an internationally appreciated organization that is determined to fight for civil rights. The body has had a lot of global influence in the past one decade that it has been operational. Avaaz was created in the United States in 2007, and it currently operates in six continents. The name of the foundation is Persian, and it means a song or a loud voice. It has been striving to ensure that there is a global awareness on issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and many other things that hurt the world. The organization runs most of its operations through the internet, and it is regarded as the most influential of its kind.

The group has created various objectives that are based on its democratic mission. They include ensuring that all international barriers are eliminated, providing the communities across the globe are united, and transforming the world into a safe place. Many people have felt the positive change that has been brought by Avaaz. Ordinary citizens of different countries have been empowered to have the ability to conduct campaigns that promote environmental conservation and transparency in governments. The rise of the number of people who use the internet has strengthened Avaaz since it can reach more people across the world.

The civil rights foundation has brought together activists from different countries, and they use about 18 languages in passing their message. It is currently working with several volunteers to ensure that all its international operations are successful. Avaaz has been utilizing different tactics to transform the world, and they include direct action, signing petitions, lobbying governments, organizing protests, and facilitating media campaigns. It has always been making sure that corporations and governments consider the impact of all their decisions to the population. The operations of Avaaz are legal, and they follow the law.

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Cassio Audi 101

For more than 23 years, Cassio Audi has remained a well-known Brazilian expert for investment management strategies. He has worked in both national and multinational firms. Audi’s management skills include finance planning, project and equities management, team leadership with strategic forecasting, and investor relations. He has also held multiple positions as a management director.

Audi obtained his B.A. from Pontifical Catholic University and later received an MBA through Sao Paulo University. He was the CFO for Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc. and has even worked for JPMorgan Chase, Rossi Residencial, GMVI and Dow Chemical.
The objectives of any investment manager should be to teach people with money how to properly invest. Otherwise, they may fall prey to countless fraud schemes and thus lose all capital. Investors may be corporations, institutions like pension funds, insurance companies, charities, educational establishments or private investment firms.

Since the global economic slowdown due to the financial crisis from 2007 to 2008, Brazil suffered massive economic downturns. It has, however, benefited from the recuperative efforts of Audi Cassio as a top investment manager who provided professional advice regarding how to grow Brazil’s economy once more. An investment manager like him easily creates funds within the portfolios of various securities on behalf of clients. The investment objectives do not define the clients but vice versa.

Audi then creates securities on behalf of each client. Securities include bonds, real estate assets and shares. Throughout his life, Audi has worked within public and private companies to further develop knowledge in finances, turn-around cases, equity funds, and even global multi-billion-dollar organizations.

He had also streamlined business operations to increase their profits and financial growth caps. Brazil holds the eighth largest economy, one greater than the U.K.’s. Audi’s a responsible investment manager – and a well-known past drummer for Viper.

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The internationally leading Franchisee, Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is known by many for his capability to appear among the most exceptional business tycoons. It is also essential acknowledging the fact that he is the leading competitor worldwide.

He can be termed as being exemplary in consideration of the way he does his modifications. The result is that if often fills the gap with the competitors. It brings about the implication that it acts as a strength in his favor against the competitors. Often, he encourages and motivates his employees. The reason, in this case, being his show of the leadership qualities, creativity and the implementation of the strategies that have been settled on.

His popularity intensified at the point in time when he became the winner of the Best Franchise of the World (BFW). The venue of the occasion was Italy specifically Florence. He was only twenty-one years old when he became the Japanese cuisine’s franchisee. Presently, he is a possessor of 13 franchise units that are situated in Veracruz, Puebla, and the Mexico City in Mexico. His pleasure emanates from his chances to be a representative of his workers. Notably, they efficiently carry out their duties at their place of work.

Additionally, it is fundamental acknowledging that the competition to emerge victorious in the BFW race was quite stiff. It can be seen via the involvement of various countries from both the South and the Western America. The critical views deliberated at the analysis included several factors. Such factors consist of the strategy utilized by the companies in the facilitation of the new understanding that they possessed, the encouragement of the employees, and the company’s influence concerning know-how.

Given that it was a highly distinguished award, BFW appealed to many stakeholders across many countries. The significance of this is the fact that Omar’s significantly increased and acquired acknowledgment not only in Mexico but also globally. It as well facilitated enlarged salutation and gratitude universally. Several officials often classify him together with exceptional providers for his thorough parameters in pawnshops from corner to corner in his network. Others know him for being unique regarding the generosity he showed which results in painting a satisfactory image to the customers thus surpassing the opponents.


NuoDB, NuoDB, NuoDB – Where Have I Heard of This Before, Why Does It Sound So Familiar, and What Exactly Is It?

This evolving software market now drives new expectations, and one faces an important choice: Should I do merely enough to survive, or should I set the bar for all customers and the market? When you seek to drive your market – instead of having it drive you – you’ll need a database that may adapt to such an opportunity.

NuoDB Takes Things One Step Ahead.

NuoDB offers its customers the flexible and scalable database foundations that they need to keep the pace with all demands in today’s business environments. Given its unique focus on cloud applications, it provides people with the ideal mix of original, relational databases within NoSQL databases. NuoDB SQL databases are the most affordable and flexible databases for people’s needs as they scale to meet all requirements of on-demand worlds and the growing businesses. Creating and investing in such opportunities is the secret to any successful business. When customer demand drops through unexpected popularity or seasonal shifts, many cannot afford for applications to crash or begin to lag under such pressure.

Lingerie Has Been Recreated by Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette, a lingerie brand out of Australia, is launching its US e-commerce brand that will be better able to keep up with the demand of their US customers. Honey Birdette experienced a 374% increase in sales in just 12 short months and the new site will help to keep up with the increase in demand.

The new site will not only help to keep up with demand but will also help to enhance the experience of the customer with easier returns, faster shipping, and frees shipping on orders over $50.

Honey Birdette is hoping to open up shop in the US and even Europe but for now they are expanding throughout Australia and the United Kingdom. Honey Birdette already has 55 stores in Australia and has three stores located in Leeds’ Victoria Gate, Westfield White City, and one in London’s Covent Garden, which is the first one to open outside of Australia.

Honey Birdette is hoping to expand to 40 more stores by the end of next year in the United Kingdom and has 10 already pegged in the UK including at locations in Liverpool, Newcastle, Westfield Stratford, and Leeds.

Honey Birdette didn’t happen by accident, but was born when a couple of friends decided that enough was enough., There just wasn’t the kind of selection available that they would have liked to see on the market and they decide to change that.

Honey Birdette has everything you can ever imagine in their boutiques from delicate and lacy teddies to sensual massage candles. They even have S&M items, cuffs, and harnesses. Whatever fetish you are into or whatever mood you want to get into, Honey Birdette has got you covered. You will even get to sip champagne as you browse their collections-it’s just a push of a button away.

Avaaz- The largest online activist network

Avaaz is a civic organization that was launched in January 2007. The company is situated in the United States of America. The main aim of Avaaz is to promote global activism on issues like corruption, conflict, and climate change. Additionally, Avaaz also promotes global activism on other matters such as animal rights, poverty, and human rights. The organization was co-founded by Res Publica Organization. Res Publica is an organization formed by public sector professionals. Res Publica is committed to advocating for deliberative democracy, good governance, and civic virtue. Moreover, Avaaz was also co-founded by MoveOn Organization. MoveOn is an American public policy advocacy group. Also, Avaaz was supported by another founding partner known as Service Employees International Union. The name Avaaz is derived from a Persian word âvâz which means voice. Moreover, the name was chosen because in many other Indo-European languages the word is related to the word voice.
The Global campaigns of Avaaz are controlled by a group of campaigners. The activists work from over 30 countries. Some of the countries include Brazil, India, United Kingdom, and Lebanon. The activists communicate with other members through email. Moreover, the campaigners apply campaigning tactics such as videos, online public petitions, and email-your-leader tools. Additionally, in other cases, Avaaz uses advertisements to explain how best the organization is going to take a campaign forward, and stages. These include rallies, media-friendly stunts, phone-ins, and sit-ins. An example of a stunt is modeling a three-mile human chain handshake reaching up to the doors of the London- based Chinese Embassy to demand a dialogue.
The suggestions for campaigns come from the associates. The ideas are supplemented by guidance from a group of specialists. Once an idea has been approved as having potential, tester emails are polled to 10000 Avaaz associates. If many members positively respond to the email, the campaign is posted to the other Avaaz members.

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Let NuoDB Modernise your Database

NuoDB will modernize your application and is a database for today’s needs. NuoDB will reduce time to market by keeping data management logic in the database and leveraging existing application codes. NuoDB will also drastically lower costs because with NuoDB, there is no need for expensive architecture and additional components, and disaster recovery is built right into the product. NuoDB delivers better SQL cloud performance, new features, and availability, thanks to its simple application logic.

NuoDB is made of a durable, cache architecture that combines the benefits of a traditional database management system with the added support of elastic scalability and continuous availability in cloud environments.

NuoDB lets you make optimizations around storage, replication, and redundancy without disc limitations. You can run NuoDB in your public, hybrid, or private cloud environments. You can maximize all of your resources across multiple centers and minimize client latencies through automated data locality. NuoDB’s in-memory caches adjust automatically for optimal workload performance and you can add or remove scale-out compute power without stopping database services. With NuoDB you can withstand failure without bringing your entire application down. You can also integrate policy management that is already existing through its REST interface and migrate existing application codes.

Honey Birdette Sees Surge In Sales

Honey Birdette, an upscale Australian lingerie company has launched some ambitious plans for expansion. The Australian company plans to expand its foothold in the United Kingdom to include over 40 stores by the year 2018. Currently Honey Birdette only has three stores in the United Kingdom, so this is quite an undertaking.

Also in the expansion plan of Honey Birdette is the launching of an e-commerce site that is dedicated to serving the US consumer market. Honey Birdette says the creation and launching of the US e-commerce site makes perfect sense because online sales in the US market have skyrocketed by over 370% in the last year. This will allow Honey Birdette to further capitalize on the soaring demand by US customers.

Its US site, according to Honey Birdette will enhance the shopping experience. Orders over $50 will also ship for free to customers. The return process is going to be easier, there will be a great product selection to choose from and deliveries will now be much faster than before for its US market.

The company has also revealed it is looking into the possibility of opening up its first US retail stores given the strong growth in online sales. 2016 was the first year that Honey Birdette launched a store outside its native Australia. In Australia the lingerie brand and store has over 55 stores. Honey Birdette says that in addition to the US market, it is looking at possible entry into locations in Europe.

Eloise Monaghan created Honey Birdette in 2006. She says she created the company because she saw a lack of sensual and provocative lingerie out there for women to wear. Today Eloise Monaghan is the creative director of Honey Birdette where she designs the lingerie and all other accessories sold by Honey Birdette. In addition to lingerie, you will find bedroom accessories to enhance pleasure such as perfumes, scented massage candles and adult toys.