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Meet Eric Pulier the Man with an Interest in Computers

Eric Pulier is renowned for his innovation in computer technology. His interest in programming began when he was a high school student in New Jersey. He was later admitted in Harvard University where he studied English and literature and graduated in 1988.

He established his first computer company while in high school. After his graduation, Pulier got employed by SOA Company. He served as its CEO from 1995 to 1998 and was later promoted as Chief Technology Officer.

He co-founded several companies such as Service Mesh, Inc., Desktone, Interactive Video Technology, U.S. Interactive, Inc., Digital Evolution and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Pulier has two publications; Understanding Enterprise and The Enterprise Industrial Complex. The publications teach business people how to have a different perception on technology. They also help companies invent new products and develop effective marketing strategies to learn more: click here.

He built the ‘Bridge to the 21st Century’ which was to commemorate the 2nd inauguration of Al Gore and Bill Clinton. He set up exhibition tents for the event. He divided his exhibits in various categories. These were; education, community, entertainment, government, the environment and family.

Pulier focuses on solving intractable problems faced by the poor and physically impaired people. He does it through applying modern technology. He created a multimedia program which teaches Multi Sclerosis patients about their condition. He invented the application of home computers in dealing with complicated multimedia experiences.

He founded the ACE Foundation. This is an organization which reshapes how software is applied to solve humanity’s problems. The foundation has several projects. Some of them help in distributing clean drinking water and creating a data analysis system which complies with HIPPA registration standards.

Pulier also donates funds to the XPRIZE Foundation. It manages and designs competitions which aim at encouraging technological development. It is a non-profit organization.
He built Starbright World. This is a program which helps children having chronic illnesses. He sourced funds from Intel and Paul Allen. The program created a special online environment for sick children.