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Marc Sparks Finds Success without a College Degree

If you’re unfamiliar with Marc Sparks, he is a venture capitalist and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, which is a private equity firm predicated on helping entrepreneurs’ preserve and generate capital. Timber Creek Capital prides themselves on providing their clients with an array of tools to help them scale their businesses; these services include web development, graphic arts, legal, accounting, and several others. Marc has been recognized as a serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the business arena; according to the private equity firm’s Facebook page, he has played an integral role in over sixty start-ups since the 1970s.


Although Marc possesses impressive business acumen, he is also well regarded for his humanitarian efforts; he is responsible for converting the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in McKinney, TX, into a $3,000,000 operation that provides meals and lodging to hundreds of people. In addition, he has been instrumental in creating transitional housing and other projects, which have allowed many homeless people to regain their independence. Marc credits his ability to establish business models with an emphasis on long and short-term goals as the impetus for his success, which carries over to his clients and the organizations that he supports.


Marc is one of very few businessmen that have achieved considerable success without a college degree; he earned his high school diploma in 1975 and immediately immersed himself into the business world by creating a variety of start-up businesses. Marc has been successful in a number of diverse industries including telecommunications, capital investments, and real estate; his success, however, didn’t come without failure, which is why he is very selective in his business ventures. For example, in his role as venture capitalist, he requires the following from prospective clients seeking capital. Learn more:

 A clear- cut strategy

 Sales data

 A Proprietary or unique service

Since the start of his career, Marc has had a vested interest in numerous businesses, some of which include

 Agency Matrix

 Cobalt Real Estate Services

 GlobalTec Solutions

 Reliant Healthcare

 Cardinal Telecom

In addition to his business endeavors, Marc is also an author; in 2014, he penned “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success, a book that chronicles his journey as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, Marc also has a mentoring program allowing budding entrepreneurs to gain invaluable insight that will prime them for success. Some of the information offered in the program includes. Learn more:

 Having a sense of pride in your product or service.

 Having a business strategy

 Having a unique product or service in order to differentiate yourself from competitors.

 Keeping things as succinct as possible


Marc Sparks is proof positive, that hard work and commitment pays off; he has launched successful businesses for himself and his clients and supported humanitarian organizations, and he did this with no more than a high school diploma and an unyielding drive for success.