Eric Pulier Discusses His Entrepreneurial Journey With Inspirey

One of the questions given to Eric Pulier during his interview with Inspirey was if there was ever a time he doubted his work and how did he over come that doubt? Eric Pulier answered that he considers himself to be an optimist and that he believes in his ideas. Mr. Pulier does admit that the management side of his business has kept him awake on more than one occasion. He says he never doubted that things would end up okay at the end, but he has had many discussions about how to get through tough times. These challenges and at times doubts have ultimately strengthened Eric Pulier to face the ups and downs that are common in the tech industry.

The next question asked of Eric Pulier was how did he obtain his first customer. Mr. Pulier responded by saying back in 1994 he had to utilize different marketing strategies than today. Back then word of mouth was absolutely vital to any new business.

He says that he grew his company Digital Evolution for over four years using primarily word of mouth advertising before it got sold and acquired. Eric Pulier says that he learned a lot while managing Digital Evolution and it taught him to think positively and to word hard. It also taught him that customer service and keeping your word was of the utmost importance. These two things are still held in high regard by Eric Pulier today as he creates and launches new ventures.

Eric Pulier was later asked about one marketing strategy besides referrals that he thinks is highly effective in generating new business. Mr. Pulier believes that pay per click advertising or PPC is one of the best ways to effectively target a desired group. It also allows you to easily track the success rate of your targeted campaigns. Eric Pulier states that it is absolutely vital to track the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns. This is because it is very easy to get caught up in a new marketing strategy or tactic without actually realizing if it help your company generate more revenue or not.

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