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Fast Company Article About EOS Lip Balm

The EOS Lip Balm that we all know and love have been around for a little over a decade. I know that fans like myself, remember seeing the strange egg-shaped item on the store shelf and wondering about the odd round object. But of course, I purchased it out of curiosity and took it home. The cuteness of the EOS was too much to let the opportunity pass me by. I recall my first EOS Lip Balm to be a creamy and refreshing sense to my lips, see facebook.com for cool updates. It was too bad that I lost it within the first week and had to buy another one when they were almost half gone. It was the rave of my childhood. Almost every girl had an EOS product in their locker, purse or backpack, head over this link. We would discuss and sometimes argue about the different tastes and senses of the balms. It was a year-round necessity to girls like me. The summer time was always filled with outside activities and exercise, so it was essential for me to keep my lips hydrated and soft. During the fall and winter times, my lips would chap with the wind, but I always had a lip balm with me and so did most of my friends. To this day I have carried around an EOS lip balm along with one on my laptop desk. I have been in love with the product ever since I used them. They are small affordable, accessible and most importantly the most adorable thing in my purse. I never leave home without one. Collect and buy your chosen lip balm here on ebay.com.

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Dr. Walden – Successful Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Walden is an Austin native with many years of experience as a plastic surgeon. She entered into a world with few women doctors to help patient’s gain their confidence and feel better about themselves. She attended the University of Texas at Galveston and graduated at the top of her class as the salutatorian. After college, she worked at an ear, nose and throat hospital in Manhattan, where she accumulated much of her experience. After working for them, she went on to build her very own successful plastic surgery practice in New York City. She eventually made her way back to her roots in Texas in 2011. She opened her own practice there where she has been successfully performing surgeries ever since. Not only does she do plastic surgery, but she also does liposuction and Botox.

Dr Walden Reviews knew that entering into a field with mostly men would be a challenge that she was ready to take on, and has successfully proved that women are just as prestigious. She feels that many women do not pursue a medical career because they want to start a family. With almost five years of medical school and then another two years in a residency, it can be hard to start a family. She believes that being a female plastic surgery has its advantages. Most of the surgeries are completed on females and are more comfortable using a female doctor when it comes to certain body parts they want to correct.

She is the proud mother of twins and is currently running her successful practice in Austin while raising her two sons. She was reluctant at first to move back and start Walden’s own practice with doubts that the business may not take off. Before she even opened the doors, she had two people signed up and waiting for surgery.

To know more visit @: www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-jennifer-walden-x7hp3