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How Alexandre Gama Built Neogama

     Neogama is a worldwide advertising agency that is headquartered in Brazil. The agency is undoubtedly the top advertising firm in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the entire nation of Brazil. Neogama was founded by Alexandre Gama in 1999, after a career spanning two decades in various capacities at advertising and marketing agencies known around the globe as top performers.

According to Brazil’s economic statistics, Neogama grew faster than any other firm in Brazil from 1999 to 2002. In its year of inception, the agency earned the prestigious Lion award from the Cannes Film Festival, typically something only experienced, established firms receive. BBH, one of London’s top advertorial organizations, was acquired by Mr. Game and Neogama in 2002, still remaining his position of “top dog,” as the group’s primary shareholder.

That same year, the newly-collaborated group received the title of Agency of the Year from Meio e Mensagem, a popular newspaper in Brazil. In 2003, only one year after absolutely destroying the advertising market, Neogama won multiple Golden Lions at the Cannes Film Festival, in the disciplines of press and film. Mr. Gama decided to sell out in 2012 to conglomerate Publicis Groupe, acquiring BBH in the process. In 2016, Neogama began solo operations again, this time only in Gama’s home country of Brazil.