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Best Egg I’ve Ever Tasted!

I love Eos Lip Balm! I have most of the flavors, and every one of them is more delicious than the last. I think my favorite flavor is the most common one, which is mint. The mint lip balm softens your lips as well as gives you that fresh minty taste that you get after brushing your teeth. Eos makes your lips super soft and the variety of flavors are so unique, refer also with usmagazine.com. The shape of the lip balm, which resembles an egg, makes applying it so much easier than the stick lip balm. But if you’re used to the stick, Eos is for you as well! They have stick lip balm as well as egg-shaped. Right now the flavor I use is coconut milk. It’s sweet and doesn’t overwhelm the senses too much. It’s my second favorite flavor. You can find most flavors at Target. But if you’re looking for a cheaper price while you’re bulk shopping, go to Costco. They sell Eos lip balm in sets of five. Eos is very portable. I can always count on my egg to fit snuggly in my purse. It is also very easy to find when sifting through purses. You don’t have to worry about digging through your purse anymore with stick balms that fall straight to the bottom. Because with the Eos Egg Lip Balm, it sticks out pretty well in between all of your belongings, hit this link.

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