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Honey Birdette Expands On Record Online Growth

The Honey Birdette brand has been seeking new areas of the world to expand into since the first Australian sensual store opened its first overseas store in London’s Covent Garden. The luxury lingerie retailer has been seeking to develop its physical stores with a move to open a range of new locations across the capitals and important cities of Europe and beyond. In the U.K. alone, the Honey Birdette brand will expand upon its already opened three U.K. based stores to build a British based chain of 40 stores opened by the end of 2018.

Close ties between the U.K. and Australia mean the growth of the Honey Birdette brand across parts of England have been largely expected, but the development of the Honey Birdette brand in the U.S. has come at a rate that had hardly been anticipated in the wildest dreams of founder Eloise Monaghan; Honey Birdette saw a growth of its Online sales in North America of 374 percent, prompting the creation of a dedicated to North American Online sales platform to increase the customer experience offered by Honey Birdette.

The customer experience has always been central to the work completed under the Honey Birdette banner, including a dedication to making every customer entering the famous glossy block doors of each physical location of the brand feel they are enjoying a once in a lifetime level of customer service. A team of “Honey’s” are always on hand with flowing champagne and a determination to discover the best ways each customer likes to be entertained in the bedroom.

Honey Birdette produces its own range of products through a small design team who have been schooled by their founder and creative leader, Eloise Monaghan as she looks for perfection at all times as the Honey Birdette brand continues to move forward to greater levels of success.