The Perks of ClassDojo

The ClassDojo app is a communication tool for educators, parents, and students. This app has a number of great and customizable features. The app is less than a decade old yet it has already reached more than 180 countries. The secret to their success is giving teachers, parents, and students the tools they need in a user easy format.

ClassDojo helps to create an atmosphere for open communication between teacher, parent, and student. The teacher is able to give each student an avatar to represent them. The avatars are customizable to match the individual. Teachers can give feedback in regards to class participation, behavior and performance. This feedback can be made available to students and parents which help them take an active role in their child’s education. The app itself can be accessed via computer, smartphone or tablet, giving teachers the ability to add information on field trips and other school outings.

The app is organized to make it easy for the average individual to follow. This versatile app is not limited to text entries, videos and pictures can be uploaded as well. This gives parents a picture into their child’s day. The photos, videos, and comments are organized to create a class story. These stories are similar to those created on social media apps that many people use regularly.

Pictures and video can often show a child’s engagement and excitement about an event better than words alone. A worried parent of a shy student seeing their child play with others at recess or sitting with a friend at lunch can be as rewarding as an A on a test.

ClassDojo incorporates Big Ideas which helps teach children social skills. This is done through an original video series created with Stanford PERTS and Harvard’s Making Caring Common.


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