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NuoDB SQL database the leader in the computer world

NuoDB SQL database is a transactional database management system built for operating cloud-base applications. NuoDB is a new SQL databse but keeps certain parts of traditional SQL databases, while incorporating new features for supporting length processing in cloud based environments. The NuoDB SQL database is ACID compliant for transaction reliability. Unlike its predecessor the NuoDB SQL database uses a three-tier structure with multiple storage and administrative tiers. This new process allows NuoDB to work without tying up an application and its data on a disk drive. NuoDB SQL database divides data into software objects known as “atoms.” NuoDB SQL database was developed by NuoDB Inc.

NuoDB was established in 2008 as NimbusDB. The company was founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris. The company managed to earn at least $12 million in venture capital, allowing them to grow even larger. It has become a Innovation All Star according to the Boston Business Journal. In 2015, Barry Morris was named as executive chairman and Bob Walmsley was promoted to chief executive officer. NuoDB recently teamed up with Causesquare and became their official database system. NuoDB continues to grow and become the leader in the tech industry. NuoDB SQL database now offers support for Amazon Web Services.

David Giertz Gives Some Much Needed Advice to Financial Advisors

When the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization gives professional advice, people stop to listen. That’s why one can imagine a recent interview with David Giertz causing people to rethink their overall business strategy. Giertz discussed some concerns he has with the way financial advisors handle discussions about social security.


Giertz noted that discussions about social security are seldom actually brought up by financial advisors. That hesitation is understandable to some degree. The current social security guidelines consist of over 2,700 rules. It’s hardly an easy subject to discuss casually with clients. In fact, the system is convoluted enough that financial advisors might find themselves at a loss when called on to explain any given part of it.


Giertz had two solid pieces of advice for financial advisors. He suggests that they continue to study the rules in order to gain full understanding of them. He also advises financial advisors to make the first move and actively bring up the subject with their clients. Giertz pointed out that discussions about social security are a method of client retention. Clients will almost always find themselves with questions about social security. Addressing those concerns will lead to an increased level of trust with one’s clients.


It’s quite clear that David Giertz has a solid grasp of the subject. He has over thirty years of experience within the financial service industry. During that time he’s consistently shown a grasp of the industry strong enough to dramatically increase a company’s profits. For example, during his time as leader of the Financial Institutions Bank channel he was able to take profits from $1.5 billion to $8 billion.


It’s also important to consider how Giertz achieved these results. Giertz has a reputation as someone who can quickly develop innovative strategies. People don’t make fortunes by doing the same thing as everyone else. It’s the ability to quickly decide on strategies that others would have never seen which has taken him so far in life. This all comes together as evidence that people should listen when Giertz talks about the state of the industry. https://about.me/davidgiertz