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Omar Yunes, Franchisee Extraordinaire

Omar Yunes , Franchisee of 13 out of 132 Sushi Itto franchise units as of 2015, franchisee of almost a tenth of the entire franchise happened to win the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) Competition held on December 5, 2015 in Florence, Italy. This recognition is attributed to significant contributions he has brought to the Sushi Itto brand. The 2015 edition of the BFW competition included representatives of 34 countries such as: Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina, and Mexico.

Yunes won not only the BFW award but the BFW Mexico Award representing the whole of Mexico’s innovations in the franchise industry. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, commented that the awards are a manifestation of franchises efforts to offer their clients excellent service,notable flavor and unique hospitality. Not only was it a win for mexico it also left a mark in history. According to Diego Elizarrarrás, the organizer of BFW Mexico, this accomplishment marks an advancement in Mexican franchises, leaving behind the days when Mexican franchises were a regional matter.

Omar Yunes entered this franchise at the young age of 21 eventually leading him to own his 13 franchise units located in: Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz, Mexico. Not only is he a franchisee of Sushi Itto, he is also a successful entrepreneur which has through the years permitted him to continue growing and enjoying a few luxuries such as his condo he had at age 29 valued at 5 million pesos and two years later a house valued at 4 and a half million pesos both located in the wealthy Polanco district of Mexico city. He now also dives into Mexican real estate which has caused growth in the industry with condos reaching $300,000 or more and houses in millions of dollars.

Today Omar Yunes is of age 39 but still has a ways to go with more projects on the horizon its highly likely that he will continue to alter the impression the world has of Mexico’s industries.