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Nobilis Health, The Most Competent Healthcare Provider

Nobilis Health is a firm that manages and owns ambulatory as well as acute care facilities through which it provide healthcare services to the public. The company’s main objective is to advance access of care by the patients besides offering procedures that are undertaken at a low cost within the outpatient settings. Nobilis Health drives patient education and engagement using proprietary techniques and innovative direct to patient marketing. It also does research on the best traditional marketing channels like the print, radio, television and point of care to disseminate health information to the populace. In addition, Nobilis Health uses other channels like the web, mobile, and social networks to derive a proper mix for patient education and awareness.
At the core of Nobilis Health’s competence is the development and successful management of specialized surgical centers. This success is achieved through working with Nobilis Health physician partners that develop, own, and operate several outpatient surgery centers within Texas markets in Dallas and Houston. Nobilis Health provides a large network of board certified, highly trained surgeons. This makes the team one of the highly skilled and most advanced surgeons in the United States. Nobilis Health has specialists in the areas of spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, and pain management. They also deal with general surgery, otolaryngology, gastrointestinal scope and podiatry.
As a health solutions provider, Nobilis Health is committed to ensuring that it gives the best health experience to patients. Owing to its innovative undertakings, the firm has become the most trusted care provider. All its centers are made up of a dedicated, skilled, and experienced clinical team that forms the most valuable asset for Nobilis Health. The priority of the team is ultimate patient care and patient experience.
The employees of Nobilis Health are all dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the organization. Their comprehension of prioritizing the health of patients has seen the corporation register massive successes in terms of growth of its service offing. The employees display the highest levels of integrity, accountability, compassion and respect throughout their daily interactions with patients. The employees are also well remunerated thus the provision of quality services by Nobilis Health Corporation.
Apart from care competency, Nobilis Health has also been reporting increased profitability. It is imperative to mention that the firm is a publicly traded company that is duly registered with the New York Stock Exchange and Texas Stock Exchange. The full service healthcare management and development company manages more than 100 surgical centers around the country. Its strong record in mergers and acquisitions has facilitated the company to have an upper hand in acquiring different healthcare facilities. Its most recent acquisition is the Freedom Pain Hospital that is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nobilis Health acquired it for a fee of $3.2 million. The 60% stake gives Nobilis Health control over the hospital by virtue of acquiring more than half of its net assets. Nobilis Health is competent when it comes to the development of surgical centers as well as management, marketing and finance of its operations.