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Lime Crime is a makeup brand that is made for unicorns! Or is, at the very least, made for people who “like to live unapologetically” and wish to wear expressive, colorful makeup that pops. About Lime Crime Founded by Doe Deere, Lime Crime is a Los Angeles based, indie brand that is dedicated to providing […]

John Textor is a entertainment wizard. He is currently working in the development of entertainment properties across a wide variety of venues and technology platforms. He is a viable leader in the uses of photo-realistic, digital humans. He is also a producer of a film called Art Story. This film is an original animated feature […]

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I had become cynical about dating before I discovered the Skout app. I was just not feeling the dating scene because I was just running into jerks. It was like I was finding the same types of people over and over again. I didn’t have any luck with blind dates that were arranged by friends. […]

Nowadays, many people are very busy with work, family and other priorities and do not have the time to do cleaning tasks. That’s where a professional cleaning service comes in. These companies have trained workers and professionals who go to their clients’ houses to render needed cleaning services. Coming home to a home that is […]

NBA in New York is by fact the most prominent basket ball league in the USA and the world. It is constituted of 30 basketball teams, 29 based in the US and one in Canada. It has been in operation since the 1940s and has continually grown to achieve international status and recognition. NBA attracts […]

Pulse Evolution have made a change in their financial reporting, which is being used as the first steps in moving towards an offering being made on a national stock exchange. The growth of Pulse Evolution has been a stunning one for many within both the financial and entertainment businesses. Former Digitable Domain Group Chairperson John […]

A PR Newswire release on April 30, 2015, confirmed the opening of Organo Gold’s newest branch office, in Turkey. This marks the 39th country Organo Gold will have operations in to date. Turkey is a significant operational step for OG in that its geographic placement is a strategic asset in uniting the Asian, European, and […]

Ownership in the NBA is an elite status among the elite. The reason behind this is simple: there are only 30 teams, which means 30 open jobs to hundreds of thousands of people. The only way to really become an NBA owner is hope that a failing team will force its owner to sell to […]

Human rights worker and activist Yeonmi Park will be speaking on her amazing story of courage and survival at a lecture on October 5th at DePauw University. Park’s work in human rights has been noted by BBC broadcasting, who has placed her name in their list of their “Top 100 Global Women.” Her book, published […]

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So many excellent authors have come from the South American country of Brazil that it’s hard to list just a few. With so many periods and influences to choose from, how do you narrow it down, much less know where to start the process of selection? While there is no way to include all the […]