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Stevie Nicks, the eternal poet has done it again. Along with her previous solo albums such as Bella Donna and The Wild Heart, she most recently released her latest gem entitled 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault. This album is full of beautiful, unreleased songs that Nicks had accumulated over the last 45 years. […]

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No one asks what has Ariana Grande been doing since Victorious. After she exploded on the stage at the I Heart Radio Festival May 2, she has dropped hit after hit. This summer’s hits Bang Bang with Jessi J. and Nicki Minaj, and One Less Problems with Iggy Azalea, have people dancing everywhere. Amid rumors […]

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Fans of music news recently heard a challenge issued by the girls of Fifth Harmony to New Kids on the Block to try the dance routine for “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” in heels since they had just performed it amazingly well while wearing high heels. This got most of America thinking about New […]

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It seems that singing sensation Taylor Swift has left behind the silos and wheat fields of country music for her ode to the Big Apple in her new single “Welcome to New York”. The twenty-four-year-old moved to New York over the summer, but has had a long-time love for the city. Swift admits to dreaming […]

Few movie franchises are as carefully crafted as Marvel. With a universe of characters and plot lines to juggle, an agenda that stretches years into the future was created to keep all the fans content. Finally, the movie studio has decided to tackle Ultron while they could secure the leading stars from the first Avengers […]

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The creepy dad from 7th Heaven is apparently having difficulty getting work after audio of him confessing to child molestation surfaced a few weeks ago. I’m really not surprised. That’s about as obvious as calling North American Spine after breaking your back. Of course he’s going to have trouble finding work. America isn’t exactly really […]

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Or was it Peyton Manning? Who can tell? According to local news station, KOMO 4 local news, Gary Payton is the man who threw the record breaking TD pass. And here, I’d been giving Payton all the credit. Thanks to my friend Keith Mann who tweeted the above picture. Gotta love when local news doesn’t […]


Today October 20 the legendary Snoop Dogg celebrates 43 birthday