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A recent article published by reports that constant power outages all over Venezuela could spell disaster in the oil sector for the country. At the heart of the problem for Venezuela is that there have been drastic shortages of water levels in the Guri dam, which accounts for more than one third of Venezuela’s […]

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While the Hungarian Prime Minister produced a six-point plan for asylum-seekers from Syria. It disrespected the values of the European Union and the human rights of the refugees on “The European Union must respond with a policy that will put an end to the panic and the unnecessary human suffering,” wrote George Soros in […]

After a fun day at the park, playing fetch and running around, your dog is ready to pounce on some food. Just like parents do with their children, you only want the best for your buddy. Well, here is a list of Beneful Dog Food products that I think will satisfy your dog’s taste buds […]

Every year Wall Street‘s Warren Buffet puts together a letter that goes out to all Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. As usual the 2016 letter was full of some very witty remarks that only the Oracle himself could get away with. The interesting thing about the 2016 letter is in it Buffet shared on some of […]

Although no one is prepared for a natural disaster or any other unfortunate event on, one may find solace in knowing that there is one financial institution that is ready to lend a helping hand in implementing a plan to rebuild areas that have been devastated by such circumstances. Madison Street Capital is an […]

Brad Reifler, the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital made an important announcement this February that has left his staff and clients very happy. Wikipedia shows that Brad’s company, Forefront Capital, will be forming a new partnership with a company known as Easter Seals Dixon Center. Apart from the partnership, the company will also offer […]

The ESC, annual event that always occurs in the month of January in Las Vegas, comes revealing the present and the future of technology for more than 40 years. Second Marcio Alaor, executive of BMG, the event which may have his name translated to fair in consumer electronics, this year has had as main attraction […]

Nowadays, the single most important thing in life to most human beings is getting rich. However, unless you win the lottery, you do not wake up one morning and find you are rich. Getting rich is a process that involves a long and painstaking journey. However, the fruits are sweet. Being rich is quite different […]

An Overview of CCMP Capital Advisors CCMP Capital Advisors is an international private equity firm that deals with growth equity transactions and buyouts. It was established on 1st August 2006 and it is located in New York City. The firm employs more than 50 employees and has branches in Woodlands in Texas, Hong Kong, London, […]

  WEN by Chaz is a popular for its hair cleansing products. The cleansing conditioner contains shampoo and conditioner. Wen cleansing conditioner adds sheen, moisture and strength to the hair once used. It is a product that can be safely used daily and as often as is necessary. Dean’s belief that ordinary shampoos were made […]