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Sequels, spinoffs, and remakes tend to ooze slowly out of successful movie properties. In some cases, a decade or more can pass between an original and the second installment in a franchise. When news broke that one of the biggest Fourth of July releases ever, “Independence Day,” was getting a sequel, the gears of buzz […]

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WWE fans are extremely bummed out about the recent announcement of Daniel Bryan’s retirement. Several people have actually stopped watching the WWE, and it seems that Daniel Bryan was the true superstar of the company. Nonetheless, the show must go on, but the WWE has received a lot of criticism for the direction of their […]

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Hillary Clinton has been criticized, scrutinized and harassed about her emailing public account and private account for a while now, but according to, the label on Clinton and her emailing history has been stepped up to a “cloud of corruption that follows” her. I don’t know all the details of the ruckus surrounding Hillary and […]

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With plans to reboot the Power Rangers with an upcoming movie, there have been a few pieces of concept art released which shows a new design of the Zords. The Zords are the giant machines that the Power Rangers operate whenever they have to fight a big monster. In the original episodes, whenever the Power […]

The long awaited arrival of the Black Panther seems to be happening in the new Captain America: Civil War. Even though we are still unsure how he will be incorporated into the scene. But rumor has it that after his introduction into Civil War, there will be an official Black Panther movie or series to […]

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Lindsay Lohan, the one who got away, is set to complete her community service at the Duffield Children’s Center in Ft. Greene of Brooklyn, NY. The actress, once known for her roles in The Parent Trap, Herbie Fully Loaded and I Know Who Killed Me has a May 28 deadline to complete about 125 hours […]

The cancellation of American Idol has been met with shock by many in the showbiz world as the sudden falloff of viewers is said to have led to the decision by Fox to call for one final farewell season. Billboard reports Simon Cowell took a moment to tweet about the cancellation of the show that […]

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Snoring keeping you awake at night? Partner sawing wood so loud you cannot get those necessary hours of shut eye to feel refreshed? There may be a solution that will work to curb that snoring and help everyone get a good night’s sleep. Studies performed in by Brazilian scientists showed that there is a solution […]

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The TV News Show “60 Minutes” Reported High Levels Of Formaldehyde In The Laminate Flooring Made In China Lumber Liquidators is one of those companies that is cashing in on the home improvement craze. Instead of being one of the darlings of the do-it-yourself, buy-your-materials here, retail game, the company is now under investigation by […]

If you’ve been alive anytime in the past 50 years, then you know who Big Bird is: the beloved character from the TV show and subsequent movies, Sesame Street. Big Bird is eternally 6 years-old, but the character has been around for almost 50 years. What you may have not know is that Big Bird […]