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The country singer Ty Henderson revealing that he was gay, inspired Billy to come out and reveal that he was also gay. He stated, “A fellow country artist and friend made it easier for me to make this video,” Gilman posted a video on youtube just hours after Henderson came out. It was surprising to […]

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The ‘G.I. Joe’ series hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in the critical sense. The first film was both loved and hated for the irreverence it displayed on the big screen while the second film brought fans a little more of what they wanted out of their favorite action figure/cartoon characters of the late […]

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One of the habits that Hollywood has developed is the habit of taking anime and manga stories and adapting them to the big screen for western audiences. However, there are still some attempts that haven’t been successful. Among the films that have still not been adapted to the western screen is Akira, and Ghost in […]

Recently, internet companies such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon have been releasing original and exclusive shows for viewers to watch. They were originally companies that sold and streamed shows and movies from other production companies. But with backing from Slow Ventures, these companies are getting their own production divisions off the ground. According to TechCrunch, […]

Doing a biopic of a late, great music artist is always tricky. You can’t please everybody. And there will always be those who feel as if the people involved in the movie have no right to do what they are doing and maybe they had too much of the Antique Wine Company and were too […]

One of the greatest music videos, “Thriller” is going to be made into a 3D movie next year. There are many reasons why “Thriller” is a timeless music video. It helped break down racial walls by making music that everyone could enjoy. It helped people see that music videos could be a form of art. […]

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Margot Robbie, an up and coming actress who you may have recently spotted in the box office hit, Wolf of Wall Street, is making her way into the big leagues. It was early realized that Suicide Squad was anticipated to become a big hit as being a successor for the film Batman v. Superman. The […]

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The “fate” of the AMC television series HELL ON WHEELS has been sealed. The series has been renewed for one more season and this will be the final season. All of the series’ old storylines will, hopefully, be tied up. The first season of the series dealt with the anti-hero Bohannan (Played by Anson Mount) […]

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Alexander Payne, known for directing movies such as ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Descendants,’ is preparing to start on his upcoming sci-fi feature movie ‘Downsizing.’ Matt Damon has been announced as taking on the lead role in this satirical project. The storyline is that a man, played by Damon, believes he will lead a better life if […]

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The very name Mike Tyson stirs up imagery of a tough as nails boxer that didn’t always play fair in the ring or in his life. The former heavyweight champ that fans still affectionately call Iron Mike got very candid on The Opie show and confessed that he was sexually abused as a 7 year-old […]