How The Laidlaw & Company Team Helped Us Retire

I wanted to retire at the exact moment that I was done with my current job, and my wife would be done one year after that. We wanted to be prepared to retire in the very near future, and Laidlaw & Company helped me ensure I had money in the bank to be used for a new retirement lifestyle. The lifestyle we lead today is funded by the work we did with Laidlaw & Company, and they are helpful where other companies were not.


#1: They Understood Our Retirement Goals


We had quite a few goals going into our retirement, and we wanted to meet them as soon as possible. We had peace of mind knowing that Laidlaw was reporting back to us often, and their reports helped us learn how close we were to our goals. Each goal was set using industry standards Laidlaw shared with us, and they helped us understand the fastest way to get what we wanted.


#2: How Long Did Our Retirement Planning Last?


Laidlaw started us with retirement planning the day we called them. My wife heard about James Ahern through a friend, and Matthew Eitner was a mutual friend. We contacted them for help, and they were happy to help us begin. I believe we found a perfect match at Laidlaw, and all their associates were so kind to us.


#3: We Learned Quite A Lot


I was educated about investment through the Laidlaw staff, and they showed me what was possible given the ideas I had. Some ideas were quite simple, and others were complex. I did not want to make wrong decisions, and they showed me how to avoid losing money.


I am pleased with what Laidlaw & Company has done for me. We are retired in the happiest way because of their help.

Meet Don Ressler, the E-commerce Market Mastermind

Fashion and entrepreneurship is a fascinating venture. It becomes more interesting when one understanding the basic rules of the industry. Many people have recorded incredible levels of success by following the rules that govern fashion and business. These people are not lucky but seem to have achieved the impossible. Don Ressler is one of the leading businessmen that have debunked the belief that it is impossible to penetrate the fashion markets. He has penetrated the online fashion space and reaped huge rewards. His current business profit is a showcase of his success. He continually works with lots of passion and dedication to his work.

Don Ressler got in the e-commerce industry on Crunchbase when very few people understood how the markets worked. He built his career from a shaky position and later became a highly successful entrepreneur. He today has several companies which he leads. Don Ressler’s first company was He started the firm about 15 years ago when the e-commerce market was in its initial growth stages. Don Ressler specialized mostly in selling fitness gear. The company became a leader in the market and was valued highly. The experience at became necessary for his future business ventures.

Don Ressler used the success at to achieve success with JustFab on Pando. He has campaigned for the company’s funding in several ways. He oversaw Matrix Ventures injecting $33 million to JustFab in 2011. JustFab was at its start and needed a highly successful chief operating officer. Don Ressler engaged the services of Kimora Lee Simmons to assist in the growth and visibility of the brand. By April 2012, the company was able to have more than six million members. JustFab had experienced quick success and had to expand to other areas of the world. It bought other companies and expanded to Europe and Canada.

JustFab has also acquired several other businesses that have boosted the company’s growth. It acquired FabKids and Fab Shoe brands in 2012. FabKids is a brand that deals with children’s fashion items. JustFab opened another branch in 2013 known as Fabletics. Fabletics has become the most successful endeavor of the company at It became an activewear retailer that sells athletic items. Don Ressler became the co-CEO of the enterprise. JustFab rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group on August 2016. The success with JustFab is a clear indication that Don Ressler has the right eye for the internet markets. He can spot market trends and turn them to highly reputable brands.

Avi Weisfogel| A Man of Diverse Interests and Capabilities

Avi Weisfogel is an accomplished expert by his own right. This is true particularly when it comes to treating sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea. Apart from years of experience in the field, he is well- educated. As such, Avi Weisfogel holds a BA in psychology and biology, which he graduated with from the Rutgers University. He is also an alumnus of the New York University College of Dentistry where attained his DDS. Apart from being and avid dentist, he has proven to be a man of many interests through his deeds and involvements as follows.




When it comes to expressing his altruistic side, Avi Weisfogel has clearly done so through creating a GoFundMe campaign aimed at supporting the work of Operation Smile. He launched the campaign early in 2016 with a target of $2000. Operation Smile is a non-governmental organization that began in 1982 with an aim of treating Philippine children born with facial deformities, cleft lips and cleft palates. Since then, the organization has grown into a global machinery that visits various locations to offer such services through the help of volunteers including technicians, nurses and doctors.



Business Interests


Over the years, Avi has owned and operated several dentistry related businesses including the New Jersey-based Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor. He is also renowned for establishing the Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, which he managed for over 15 years. Later on, he created the Healthy Heart Sleep after he started exploring sleep disorders.


In 2012, he established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient whereby he lectured dentists on how to serve patients suffering from sleep disorders. After two years , Avi went ahead to create the Dental Sleep Masters with a mission to assist dentists in breaking deeper into the world of sleep through the use of oral appliances to treat sleep problems.





Avi is a classic rock enthusiast. He also enjoys listening to music from various artists including Pink Floyd and Billy Joel. Apart from being a fan of other artists, he has expressed interests in joining the music industry as a hip-hop artist. Tis is according to MTV Artists. In fact, he operates a Soundcloud account where he intends to share his music once he is done recording.



Stem Cells For Life

Plasticity is the foundation of stem cell function in the process of regenerative medicine. There are several different processes that stem cells can become a part of and may be taken from various different hosts such as embryos, umbilical cords, blood, skin, fat, or placenta. An adult stem cell can self renew and self replicate while they are able to differentiate into specialized cells and divide through the process of mitosis to produce more stem cells and transform their functions to that of other types of tissues. This is plasticity, the structural building block of life. We carry stem cells in our bodies our entire lives. They may also be cultivated in laboratories for specific uses as there are several different types of stem cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells that are ” programmed ” to mock embryonic stem cells. PR Web says stem cells are priceless in the research and study of diseases and therapies. Most stem cells are harvested from the patient’s own body.

The National Lung Institute is a major treatment and research center that specializes in the cultivation and use of stem cells to treat major debilitating diseases and innovate healing therapies. According to, they treat a wide range of conditions including pulmonary diseases such as emphysema, COPD, bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis and other lung diseases. They mainly use autologous stem cells which are stem cells derived from the patient’s own body. The Lung Institute has five locations throughout the United States. They have research and treatment facilities located in Tennessee, Florida, Arizona, Texas and Pennsylvania.

The main goal of The Lung Institute is to promote wellness and healing while discovering new ways to treat patient’s in hopes that they will be able to breathe easier and live happy healthy lives through the discovery ad implementation of stem cell research and treatment giving their patients a better quality of life.

It is important to realize that not all patients are participants for stem cell therapy, but a free consultation is easily scheduled by calling (800) 729-3065 and speak to one of the institutes patient care coordinators. Or visit us at


Fyre Festival is a two-week event that will be happening in Fyre Cay Island. It concerns concerts, food art, and exploration; a rare experience for all on the private island of Bahamas.

It will consist of two phases; phase one will be April 28-30 and two will be May 5-7. The two weekends will resemble in the intensity of well-planned events that will get hosted. So, why should you miss a chance to attend a lifetime event that will leave you thrilled? Learn morw about Frye Festival:

The list of performers is very long.There is a mix of the music genres like hip hop, RnB, Reggae among many other from every side of the globe. The event will be one to remember with famous musicians performing. It will be a concert to revive and bring the music industry up. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

Moreover, there will be exclusive prizes that one could easily win.The prizes will range from expensive ornament to cash. All these are meant to ensure that you can explore the island in the most comfortable way possible.

The concert will not only be centered on music, but it will have a life worth experience of exploring the Fyre Island. One can visit cultural places, art spaces and all the top attraction sites as the ticket caters for a tour of the island.

According to Bravo TV, there is an important reason to appear in the Fyre Festival. You will get to see firsthand the original home for Black Beard and Pablo Escobar, who can miss the chance of being in such a well-known and admirable area?

The best thing about the event is that it caters for every category in the arts. It has well-organized spaces for ordinary persons and an entire VIP section, of course, where you can expect the best treatment.

Moreover, what makes the event unique is the availability of accommodation for all classes of people hence no need for carrying luggage around.

Lastly, you will get served with the best food; there is a delicious recipe that will leave your Fyre Island visit one to remember.

So make a date and be part of the global party.

Best Wines Picks for 2016 Holidays by UK Vintners

UK remains one of the largest importers of wine globally, but one of the smallest producers in Europe. One of the net importers of wine in the country is UK Vintners, established in 2001. The UK based independent wine merchant, specializes in collecting and selling the finest wines.

UK Vintners recently released a list of top 5 wines for the 2016 holidays. Top on the list is Beychevelle from 2008. This smooth, fruity wine imported from Saint-Julien will be ready for sale within the first 15 years of bottling. The wine is made with raspberry and cranberry. Second on the list is D’Yquem 2009. This wine is highly recommended by UK Vintners experts as a perfect pair with Christmas desserts. The wine comes from the famous Chateau d’Yqueme Winery in the wine region of Graves, France.

Chateau d’Yqueme is made from a collection spices, honey and fruits, including sweet spiced pears and apricot. The region’s pride history of wine making dates back over four centuries. Montrose 1998 came in at number 3 on the list of the best wines for the holiday. The wine is made from earthly plums, black cherry and Merlot grapes. It comes from the St. Estephe region of France. Ducru Beaucaillou from 2005 is now aged for drinking.

This prime, aromatic wine emanates from Ducru Beaucaillou Winery in Bordeaux, France. It comes in a highly appeasing dark purple color. Fifth on the list is the thoroughly mature, Pichon Baron 1998 wine. A bottle of this low acid wine has hints of black currants and sweet toasty oak. The wine originates from the famous Paullac appellation of Bordeaux, France. It is blended with some of the season’s finest wines, including Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


UK Vintners is a well-known wine merchant that supplies wine for consumption and high return investment. Statistics reveal that wine is the most preferred drink of choice for people age 25 to 34 years. The UK’s wine industry is also one of the most diverse and influential around the world. The £17 billion industry supports close to 270,000 jobs in the UK alone. To effectively run its business of sourcing and selling the finest wine collection in the UK and around the world, the company operates in cahoots with a large network of third party merchants, wine brokers and traders.

The success of the UK Vintners business stems from many factors, key among them the entrepreneurial tradition repeated over the years and a foundation that focuses on delivering personal service to clients looking for prestigious wine labels from leading European vineyards. One of the strategies the company uses to sell its products is running a free affiliate program. According to UK Vintners, the affiliate program makes it easy for members to earn revenue from advertising UK Vintners products through dedicated links. When a consumer clicks on the item, the affiliate earns a commission.




Equities First Holdings, LLC affords Modern Loan Alternatives

A lot of borrowers seek for quick money to establish or expand their companies and businesses. Most banks and other lending institutions impose massive loan qualifications and high-interest rates that keep off most borrowers. Most investment borrowers now turn to alternative loan options.

About the Equities First Holdings, LLC and the Groundbreaking Equities stock-based loans

Equities First Holdings is an American Company that looks to leverage these impending financial dangers. Equities First Holdings was developed in 2002. Its headquarters is in Indianapolis. Equities First Holdings presents business investments with security- loan services. The firm has established the pioneering stock-based loans. These stock-based loans are gaining widespread appreciation from many customers who do not meet the normal credit-based loans.

Most companies around the world have favored this lending alternative that also presents substantially reduced interest rates. These innovative Equities loans also afford higher loan-to-value relative amounts. These loans guarantee surety during the entire loan transaction process. The loans have been groundbreaking and reasonable alternative means for companies to achieve the necessary working capital.

 Equities Loans Protect Borrowers against Market Fluctuations

Market fluctuation spells might occur during normal loan service periods. This may lead to delayed or no loan repayments. The innovative Equities loans provide the borrower with means to circumvent severe market downturns. The equities loans come with non-recourse features that enable the borrowers to default on the loans, keep their profit proceedings, and not have any further responsibility to the bank.

Equities loans also afford the borrower a loan non-payment opportunity during the market fluctuations when the value of stocks decreases in value. The Equities loans also give the borrower constant interest rates of four percent with fifty percent loan-to-value ratio. Equities loans do not also limit the borrower to particular business exploits. A borrower can choose to invest in any business. Equities First Holdings LLC also plans to introduce the Home-Equity Loans. These are customer loans protected through a subsequent mortgage facilitating landlord equity home investments. Home-Equity Loan loans are based on the variations of the owner’s fair play and the property’s current market value.

Lovaganza’s Soundtrack And Films

Lovaganza Begins Recording Musical Soundtrack for Animated Film Series, “The Marvelous 12,” at Historic Abbey Road Studios


The Lovaganza festival is scheduled for 2020 when it will bring about a cavalcade of light and sound. World cultures are to be featured at the festival several times over, and each person who makes their way to the Lovaganza website or Facebook page will learn how the festival is creating films and music. This article explains how the soundtrack for The Marvelous 12 is coming together, how they are creating films for their brand and teasing cultural performances in 2020.


#1: What Is The Marvelous 12 Album?


The Marvelous 12 soundtrack is the music behind the scenes of the film that explains the history of the festival. The animated film will tell quite a lot about the way the cultures of the world will come together at the festival, and they are using music from artists such as Amy Winehouse along with other artists who are recording today. The album is an ethereal experience that will entice visitors to the festival, and it will bring together all the sweeping music that is needed for the festival.


#2: Why Is The Animated Film Important?


The animated film known as The Marvelous 12 is quite an important step for Lovaganza as they launch a massive marketing campaign. They believe the festival will perform far better with fine marketing, and they have chosen to create an advertising plan that will encourage visitors years in advance. The animated film is just one feather in the cap of the festival, and it may be the beginning of an exciting phase in the festival’s life.


#3: Giving A Glimpse Of The Culture Coming To The Festival


Cultures and countries from around the world have been invited to Lovaganza from the high hills of Scandinavia to the islands of the Pacific, and the schedule is filling up by the day. The animated films that may come in the future could well be used to showcase countries that will appear. Lovaganza is a bit like the Olympics of culture, and the festival organizers wish to bring out as many countries as possible. Laying out several different cultures at every site for the festival will make the experience that much richer for everyone.


#4: Why Is Lovaganza Important For Kids?


The Olympics allow kids to see countries from around the world for a fleeting moment, but the athletes go back to their home countries after the closing ceremony. Kids never get to learn about the places these people come from, and Lovaganza hopes to offer an education for kids that will change their perspective on each country involved. Parents may learn quite a lot in their own right, and the festival will offer glimpses of historical facts that will help everyone watching.


The Lovaganza festival is more than a cultural performance that will soothe the sense for an hour or two. The festival has been organized as an incredible array of culture from around the world. Their soundtracks and movies are only the beginning of a world festival of cultural education.


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Fashion Forward With Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur. He has an extensive business background in various industries including real estate, technology, and fashion. He started his career at Itchica where he was an undergrad. Chris and his brother Bob founded Eagles Eye apparel which had grown to $165 million before they sold it. Chris is the current principal of Burch Creative Capital. The company has an excellent brand portfolio. He is the co-founder of Tory Burch. This is a luxury fashion brand. He has invested in 12 different companies. Burch talks about the future of fashion and technology in an article on Chris BUrch says that the industries of technology and fashion have gone through many changes over the years. He also says that the two industries grow hand in hand. He adds that fashion can become technological and technology can also become fashionable.


Chris brings about a comparison of the present and the past. He states that the boom box was well received during the 70’s since people would be able to go around with the stations and tunes they loved. There was also the case of the two cassette decks where one side could record while the other end played music. The movie storylines that were introduced in the 80’s were an excellent addition to the cassettes. They came with a lot of popularity. The invention of the Walkman came later in the 90’s. The iPod evolved after a decade. Burch says that technology continues to grow going by the popularity of what customers consider as fashionable.


Burch says that the use of technology in fashion has come about to protect humanity. He speaks of how technology has been utilized in the invention of bike protection by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. He adds that this has come as a useful invention especially to the firefighters. Chris further added that designers are now using recycled materials to come up with fabulous fashion. He gives the example of Emma Whiteside who used recycled radiator copper to come up with an outstanding gown. Chris Burch states that technology and fashion rely on each other to be able to become popular and appeal to masses. Functional and beautiful fashion comes from the use of technology. The words of encouragement from Chris as an entrepreneur goes to the young entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the field of technology and fashion. He tells them to follow their dreams.

WEN By Chaz Is Perfect For All Hair Types In Any Condition

Some of us have super curly hair, and others have pin straight tresses. Then, there are those with virgin locks, never having been touched by a single, coloring chemical or process. There are also a few of us with dry, damaged strands from heavy dyeing and/or bleaching.

Whatever category you fall under, your hair needs are like anyone else’s. In other words, all heads of hair need products that deeply cleanse and condition gently and effectively, offer body and manageability to hair and a major dose of shine.

Luckily, there is WEN By Chaz, the ground-breaking no lather shampoo formulas that smart women use, again and again. The best part of all, Chaz Dean’s unique cleansing conditioners can be used on any hair type in the universe. He even features a WEN Kids hair care line that follows the same healthy and holistic philosophy. You won’t find a single ugly chemical like sulfates; those are the agents that add the volume in shampoos but also strip hair of its natural oils and eventually weaken strands.

Chaz Dean ( is well-known on the west coast as an A-list stylist, but he’s also revered for his healthy lifestyle and the products designed to offer a no-poo way of living. You don’t need a shampoo when you choose the WEN brand. His 5-in-1 bottle does the multi-tasking; it cleanses like a shampoo, conditions, de-tangles, deep conditions and acts like a leave-in conditioning treatment. His formulas are manufactured with the highest standards, and each formula is carefully chosen.

His Amazon sold cleansing conditioners feel so good on the hair and scalp. One favorite is the Mandarin Italian Fig selection. It offers superb shine to your mane and contains bamboo water complexes and amino acids to strength strands. Your hair will develop movement, body and improved elasticity.

Give the Wen Facebook page a thumbs up and follow Wen on Twitter for updates.