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If you’ve been alive anytime in the past 50 years, then you know who Big Bird is: the beloved character from the TV show and subsequent movies, Sesame Street. Big Bird is eternally 6 years-old, but the character has been around for almost 50 years. What you may have not know is that Big Bird […]

It’s the time of year when thunderstorms are on the horizon. Some of those storms could produce a tornado, and that’s what happened late one evening in New Orleans. The storm was so severe that a train fell off a bridge. No injuries were reported, but this shows that the weather can change in the […]

The Beastie Boys were hugely popular in their heyday, and they left an enduring mark on the hip-hop music scene. In a recent interview that producer Rick Rubin gave, though, he said that music was only part of the formula. He said that the group also drew inspiration from things like Monty Python – an […]

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The development and controversy over the video game franchise Grand Theft Auto is to be the subject of a drama from the BBC starring Daniel Radcliffe, The Independent reports. Harry Potter star Radcliffe will take on the role of Sam Houser, one of the co-founder’s of Rockstar Games, which developed and distributed the GTA franchise. […]

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As fans of Robert Kirkman’s comics and the popular AMC TV show The Walking Dead know, Kirkman and the writers never have the characters use the word “zombie” to describe the dead. On Monday, April 20, Kirkman finally explained in detail why this is the case at a panel event for TWD at Hollywood’s Egyptian […]

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Kylie Jenner claims that her lips are natural. However, many fans such as Bruce Karatz do not believe her. Kylie tells her fans that she has been on television for the last nine years, and that her face is going to change over time. Kylie Jenner’s lips are so amazing, and her fans want them. People […]

If your kids, or you, are fans of Kraft Mac and Cheese, then you may notice some changes! According to Grub Street Kraft is getting rid of those synthetic ingredients in their beloved mac and cheese. Starting in January, seeds and spices will take the place of synthetic dyes. Paprika, annatto, and tumeric will be used […]

Two film directors in Russian are seeking support from the state to open a domestic chain restaurant so as to compete with Western food cafes such as McDonalds. The two Russian film directors are Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky. Bernardo Chua has learned that the two Russian film directors have impressed Russian President […]

A Serbian celebrity named Jelena Karleusa has been a pop star since the mid 90s, and she recently found out that her look alike was Kim Kardashian. Someone posted there photos together on Instagram, and there appeared to be an uncanny resemblance. Fans at STX Entertainment ( know that Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde […]

By now, everyone should know that Zayn Malik has left the group One Direction. If you have a teenage daughter, more than likely, she has been crying her eyes out for the past week, at the news of his departure from the group.Zayn Malik. Your young daughter may not be the only one who is […]