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A PR Newswire release on April 30, 2015, confirmed the opening of Organo Gold’s newest branch office, in Turkey. This marks the 39th country Organo Gold will have operations in to date. Turkey is a significant operational step for OG in that its geographic placement is a strategic asset in uniting the Asian, European, and […]

Ownership in the NBA is an elite status among the elite. The reason behind this is simple: there are only 30 teams, which means 30 open jobs to hundreds of thousands of people. The only way to really become an NBA owner is hope that a failing team will force its owner to sell to […]

Human rights worker and activist Yeonmi Park will be speaking on her amazing story of courage and survival at a lecture on October 5th at DePauw University. Park’s work in human rights has been noted by BBC broadcasting, who has placed her name in their list of their “Top 100 Global Women.” Her book, published […]

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So many excellent authors have come from the South American country of Brazil that it’s hard to list just a few. With so many periods and influences to choose from, how do you narrow it down, much less know where to start the process of selection? While there is no way to include all the […]

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If you think it’s easy to find an apartment in New York City, then sit down and start looking for one, and you’ll see how difficult it really is to find a great apartment. If you have standard and reasonable expectations when looking for an apartment, then you may be able to find one easier […]

  At Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe, you can enjoy beautiful scenic aerial tram rides at an elevation 8200 feet. There is plenty to see and do in beautiful Squaw Valley. There’s shopping, swimming, spectacular sightseeing and, of course, seasonal winter activities. If you are looking to visit the Lake Tahoe […]

Finding the right Italian leather shoes can be tough because you don’t always know what kind of shoes will fit you the best. There are some Italian shoes for men that can be perfect for your feet and may be comfortable but they just don’t match your overall look. Find out how to choose the […]

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Fiat Chrysler has been ordered to offer to buy back 500,000 RAM vehicles that have been deemed unsafe to drive on the road. Recently the automaker had recalled parts of the steering column and offered to fix the issue, but problems still remain and they are now being forced to offer customers the choice of […]

Among the many methods of holistic healing that are currently being discussed and explored is the concept of food as medicine. Remember that old saying “you are what you eat”? It was sort of a joke at the time, but in fact it’s a theory that’s gaining a great deal of attention and relevance right […]

  Joseph Bismark is one of the most influential up and coming leader in marketing industry today according to an article written I stumbled upon on a WordPress called Please Don’t Ask  Alice. It is his unique approach, combining spirituality and business, which sets him apart from so many others in his field. Bismark, at […]