Patty Rocklage is an Outstanding Psychotherapist

Patty Rocklage is a licensed psychotherapist. For over two decades, Patty has been helping her clients to overcome their struggles in the Boston Metropolitan area. She has a warm heart. She has extensive experience on helping clients to be at ease for them to focus more on the things that they need to execute. Patty offers family and marriage counseling to couples and individuals to assist them to face their challenges.

Patty is an alumnus of the University of Southern California where she graduated with a degree in psychology in 1981. Patty is licensed to practice in the state of Massachusetts. In her career as a psychotherapist, Patty has gained invaluable knowledge and experience, including public speaking, coaching, teaching, and team building. Her warmth and a unique skill set has assisted many clients in achieving personal growth.

Patty Rocklage is a strong believer in the value of the community. She enjoys engaging in community outreach initiatives. She is devoted to give back to the society. Alongside her husband, Scott Rocklage, she donated a gift to the chemistry department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2016. Their donation facilitated the institution to refurbish the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab, which is situated in building two. The lab is used by Moungi Bawendi, the Lester Wolfe professor of chemistry. Dr. Scott Rocklage is an alumnus of the institution. Click here to know more.

Presently, Patty lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Moreover, she volunteers her services for the Sudanese Education Fund, an entity that supports people from South Sudan, especially those that move to Massachusetts. The entity helps them to gain stable jobs, access educational opportunities and have financial stability. As an accomplished psychotherapist, she believes in linking with her clients in a meaningful way. Patty understands the thin-skinned nature of the struggles that her clients go through on a daily basis. For this reason, she always maintains their confidentiality.

Recently, the renovation of Patty’s house was highlighted as a case study by Sudbury Companies’ Design Center. Patty visited the firm not knowing what to expect from the renovation specialists. Ed Freelander and the outstanding staff of the company went on to a do a remarkable job on Patty’s house, particularly the kitchen section.


Thor Halvorssen Wants to Create Open Societies

What He Has Seen Himself

Thor Halvorssen isn’t trying to fight for human rights from an ivory tower. He has actually seen the harm that dictators can do first hand. His mother was killed because she stood up to dictator and his father was arrested for investigating corruption among political elites in Venezuela. This is why his work at the Human Rights Foundation has done more to advance forward politics than just about anything we’ve seen in the pas.t It truly represents a revolution in the way activism is done.

How He Fights Back

The most important thing to understand about Thor Halvorssen is that he does not let the problems that have plagued him stop him from putting up a good fight. If anything he has decided that he is going to be the greatest voice fighting for those who have nobody to champion them. There are so many human rights violations and there is hardly anyone out there trying to do something about them. Fortunately, he is changing that with his work at the Human Rights Foundation. No name has become more prolific in this fight that of Thor Halvorssen. Click here to know more.

Will He Succeed?

It’s not an easy task that which Mr Halvorssen has before him. He’s going to have to convince people to change the way they’ve lived their lives for centuries and he’s going to have to fight against an enemy that simply does not take no for answer. Fortunately, Halvorssen is well prepared for this and has the ability to do just about everything he can to fight back. He understands how dangerous things can get if nobody is out there fighting. Hence, he wants to make sure that he is the most prominent voice fighting for their rights across the world.


Knowing Your Personal Strengths Will Put You On A Path Of Success

An exclusive with Lori Senecal which revealed personal insights. Described as a “pioneer of innovative technology advertising solutions” Lori Senecal, Global Chief Executive Officer at Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) is a pinnacle in the marketing and advertising industry. Her worldwide recognition is accredited to her bold tenacity and work ethic when faced with the difficult challenges of business marketing. She has a strongly developed sense of creativity which enhances her keen leadership abilities as a successful global visionist and problem solver.

In an article on Salary, Lori Senecal began to recognize the strength of her leadership and problem-solving abilities working as a gymnastics coach while attending college. “As a coach, you are a leader and a problem solver. According to The Drum, you must be consistent with setting goals, developing and implementing a plan of action to achieve those milestones, communicate your vision clearly and effectively, and be open and non-judgemental toward views or ideas that differ from your own. The successful culmination of those elements will eventually lead your team to victory.” She points to this particular experience as the catalyst that led to her pursuit of a career in marketing and advertising.

Lori Senecal received a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Finance from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management located in the city of Montreal in the Quebec Province of Canada. Its’ rigorous and demanding academics programs well prepared her for the hard-won achievements that paved her way to the top. “McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management is recognized as one of the best international business schools by the Financial Times and BusinessWeek.”

Over the last fourteen years, Lori Senecal has worked diligently to strive for excellence at every opportunity. “In 2014, she was named one of Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch” and in 2013 she was honored at the AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. She is also a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors.” Lori Senecal is a shining example of a leader on many levels. She effectively parlayed her strengths and passion into a life-long career of ever-increasing success for herself and others. She also recently spoke at the 3% conference.

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Desiree Perez Changes Things at Tidal for the Better

Tidal has become one of the greatest contenders when it comes to music streaming services, and Desiree Perez is the one that has helped Jay-Z make this happen. Perez has proven that she is one of the power players in an industry where contract negotiation means everything. Jay-Z has tapped into the skills of Desiree Perez to help him negotiate the contracts that would give him an edge on other competitors in music streaming. He has been able to solidify his name as a serious business leader in music streaming even though he doesn’t have the experience that other businessmen in this industry have. Jay-Z has proven that he is a born leader that knows exactly what needs to be accomplished, and he has no problem delegating certain tasks to certain people.  Refer to for more of this.

Jay-Z has a group of close friends which are referred to as his circle of influence, and Dez Perez is a part of the circle.  Related article on   She has been able to help Jay-Z with prior business ventures, and she seems suitable for the business of music streaming as well.

Jay-Z definitely tried to give other people a chance to do the work that Desiree Perez is now doing, but most of these people were not able to turn Tidal around. Desiree Perez institutes a notable difference for this company, and she has helped Jay-Z get this to a point where many investors are looking into what this company offers. Check this on

Desiree Perez has done a wonderful job so far, and fans of Tidal are pleased with the service that they are getting. It appears that Perez is doing what customers wanted other people in authority to do years ago when Jay-Z took on this project. Jay-Z is finally getting praise for putting the right person in place to handle contracts.  Head over to this.

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Fabletics Functions the Centerpiece of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler e-Commerce Sites

Fabletics is moving at a very fast pace. There are several companies that are all connected under the leadership of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. These are the guys that created JustFab and FabKids. There is also a connection for shopping with ShoeDazzle and FL2. Of all of these different companies Fabletics appears to be the one that is taking the lead, and much of this has to do with the leader that is in place.


Kate Hudson is the person that is bringing forth a lot of interesting things to the Fabletics brand. She is the one that is seen on the website as soon as shoppers go there so she is connected with her customers instantly.


The other sister sites like ShoeDazzle and JustFab are doing well, but Kate is on a grand mission to do what has not been done with any of the other stores. She is taking the time to open more physical stores and give people the chance to try on clothes as they shop for something to wear to the gym.


Demi Lovato is also bringing forth a limited-edition capsule collection to the Fabletics brand. This gives consumers an assortment of garments to consider. What people are beginning to see is that Fabletics is the cornerstone of the assortment of sites that have been set up by Adam and Don. She is the one that can possibly lure people to Fabletics and other sites such as ShoeDazzle and JustFab.


Kate Hudson recognizes this, and she definitely believes that there is a possibility for her site to be a powerhouse player against other companies like Amazon. She has already proven that she has what it takes to make people consider buying from the Fabletics brand. This has become the company that has emerged very victoriously in a short time frame.


Kate has a lot of fans, and people are going to take a look at what she is doing now that the Fabletics website part of the group of several sites that are selling everything else that men and women may be looking for a when it comes to clothing. She knows that the reverse showrooming may also be the thing that leads people from the Fabletics website directly into a Fabletics store. Hudson has been able to maintain and eclipse the competition because she is paying attention to what the competition is doing.

The Traveling Vineyard’s Money Making Opportunity

The Traveling Vineyard is by far one of the most unique sites out there. They are known for creating successful results for the people who have joined their team of Wine Guides. Wine Guides are people who help guide others to learning more about what this company can do for them. Everything like offering the best wine is something you can do all while making some good side profits from every sale you make. You receive a good portion of what you sell, and this business can allow for you to make the additional income that you’ve always wanted.

What makes the Traveling Vineyard so unique is the fact that they are so creative and always looking for new ways to innovate their strategy for future success. The Traveling Vineyard is filled with Wine Guides from all across the nation. When you join, you’ll even have an expert ready to guide you in your city to help educate you on every step of this process. Nothing is better than having a team of highly successful sellers ready to help you out to make it in this business.

The Traveling Vineyard is a great company that strives to come up with innovative solutions for their clients and also for their sellers. Wine Guides can also recruit new people to be on their team, so you can be making money even from other people you have sign up under you as a seller. It’s a completely great business idea you really need to think about.

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Wines And Their Potential As Investments

Wines go through many processes before it is ready to be released in the market. First, the grapes and the other ingredients have to be harvested. Then, there is the crushing and alcoholic fermentation, followed by pressing the grapes and applying pressure to extract the juice from the outside skin of the fruit. There’s even the culture of stomping the grapes with your feet, which received the name Pigeage, in French.

All of these procedures lead to one of the most consumed products in the entire world. Wine is extremely investment-friendly, not mentioning that some of the steps of the wine production happen while you’re passively waiting. It is a great source of income… For those who know how to benefit from it.

You can seek guidance if you’d like to start understanding more about wines and the whole process of making the drink. It’s all about getting started. Companies like UKV PLC, a British independent wine provider, and producer, has a specialized team just to help their clients get started in investing in the fermentation of wine.

UKV PLC is constantly bombarding their social media with articles that serve as an initial guide to their customers and interested investors.

Would like to know more about French wines for example? Why the region where the French wine was produced is so blatantly exposed in the bottle label? Their consultants can guide you through. “It’s because of the importance that the necessary natural conditions that lead to a quality drink are met.”

From Burgundy to Champagne and Bordeaux wines, there are many distinct types that investors should start knowing about. IF you’re interested, try contacting the team and meet the team behind it!

Desiree Perez, the right woman to elevate Tidal

Desiree Perez Successful Business

Among the huge businesses in the world is the streaming of music. This is the kind of businesses that generates lots on millions in a short period. We have mainstream companies that stream music all over the globe such as Apple music, YouTube among others. A company such as Tidal is considered as an underdog in the game, but those are not the thoughts of its executive, Desiree Perez. She is working around the clock to ensure people change that notion as it is the main way the organization will have the capacity to compete with the best. She has informed people that she wants the company to be here for the longest time possible meaning it is a long term business venture that everyone needs to pay attention to.

Previous executives have stepped down, but this never discouraged Jay-Z who is the founder of Tidal. Many expected such acts to lead to him giving up on his ambitions, but that is not the case. He has always had a plan B whenever things seem to be going wrong with the company. It is through the leadership of Desiree Perez that the company has started to receive massive success. It is getting new members, and fans all over are getting crazy about the streaming service provider. Her main goal is to rack in as many customers as possible.  More of this on

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The founder Jay-Z has always been up and running in a bid to ensure the company succeeds, check for more reading.   Among the good things he has done for the company is having Desiree sign up deals that are bringing lots of millions to the firm. It is in such areas that Desiree shines most. She has lots of experience with such contracts because she has worked with Roc Nation and has been around to observe how Tidal business was run.

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The Firm that is Making Waves in Texas

John Holt is the CEO of NexBank Capital. He acted as a panelist at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference last November. The Texas Bankers Association organized the conference. It was held in New Orleans. Holt is also the president of the company. He took part in a discussion on the reinvention of community banking through innovation.


The conference is a forum where stakeholders in the banking industry come together to discuss matters affecting bank leaders and the industry. The participants and the members of the panel also look at opportunities for mergers and acquisitions and organic growth. NexBank Capital is a company that offers financial services such as institutional banking, commercial banking, and mortgage banking. The company offers these services to clients based on their needs and their requirements. Its customers include financial institutions and corporations.


The firm’s headquarters is in Dallas. It has four branches in total. It is the 14th largest bank in Texas. It is among the top 300 in the nation. It was started in 1934 and has nearly a hundred employees today. The firm has performed well over the years. Its rates are twice that of the national average. The bank’s assets amount to $5 billion. Its success is attributed to the leadership of the company. James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. He is the chairman of its board.


NexBank has distinguished itself from other firms because it embraces transparency. The financial organization releases all of its results each quarter for all to view. NexBank is an accredited company. It is a member of the FDIC. NexBank has an A+ rating on deposit growth, Texas ratio, and overall health. This means that the bank’s future outlook is good and clients do not have any reason to doubt its performance.



James Dondero A Hardworking Individual

James Dondero is the co-founder and president at Highland Capital Management. He has the certifications Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant. James Dondero has more than thirty years of knowledge in markets that are associated with equity and credit. James Dondero’s management skills includes securities associated with mortgage, asset ranking corporates, leveraged fund credits, high quality bonds, developing market liability, products, favored bonds, and mutual bonds. With his guidance and management, Highland Capital Management is able to offer various accolade captivating merchandises and resolutions for established and marketing financiers. James Dondero has done an amazing job in his position. Highland Capital Management has about $19 billion in assets.


James Dondero’s path towards becoming an analyst began in the year 1984. In 1984 he was accepted into the teaching program at Morgan Guaranty. While being part of the training program he also graduated from McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated with double majors with the top honors. Finance and Accounting is the dual majors James Dondero graduated with at McIntire School of Commerce. In the year 1985 James Dondero joined American Express. At American Express he held the title Corporate Bond Analysis. Eventually, at American Express he became Portfolio Manager. By the year 1989 he left American Express and continued on his career path. James Dondero became Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. With his great skill and leadership Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary propagated to $2 billion. James Dondero helped Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary grow substantially between the years 1985 and 1993.

James Dondero is a hardworking, and dedicated philanthropist. He supports enterprises in schooling, veterans’ matters, and civic policy. James Dondero has been a participant on the board since August of 2016. He is on the board as a Chairman for CCS Medical, NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank. James Dondero is very charitable. Some of his benevolent activities include Education is Freedom, Perot Museum of Natural Science, and Uplift Education and SMU’s Tower Scholars Program.


In conclusion, James Dondero is a hardworking individual that has maintained great success through the years.